• China still insists not to abandon the use of force to solve the dispute with Taiwan.

    The U.S. Should sell arms to Taiwan because to maintain the weapons of effective deterrence in order to avoid the violent conflict happened is still essential, since China, the only meaningful threat to Taiwan, still insists not to abandon the use of force to solve the dispute with Taiwan. With the obvious imbalance of the military deployment between Taiwan and China, it is not possible that the sell would ever be the reason to prompt the need for China in arm race.

    Posted by: RYTC
  • Sure, why not?

    Why not sell arms to everybody? The US has already sold arms to the Afghani Resistance, the Libyan Resistance, and the Mexican drug cartels. It sold weapons to Iraq and then invaded Iraq for having weapons that it sold them. Why not kick it up a notch and sell to everybody without any thought of the consequences.

  • Whatever happened to freeing man from oppression?

    Selling arms to Taiwan is protection for them against the oppression of Communist China. China has been eyeing Taiwan for years and wants it back under its tyranny. All we are doing is making some money while protecting an innocent free country. I must say I am a little personally biased though, I have a close friend who lives in Taiwan.

  • No to weapons

    The world is already a dangerous enough place as is. The last thing we need in the world is to increase the number of weapons available to different countries. Let us not forget that China is an ally of the US, and they probably would not appreciate us selling weapons to Taiwan.

  • U.S. Stands for United States not Taiwan

    The United Sates seems to think every country but their own is a priority. We need to stop sending and selling aid, arms, and military troops to any country. We lost focus on what is happening in the United States and now face a domino effect because of our liberal political contributions and policies. Perhaps we would not have to continue to cut budgets as military spending, decreasing budgets of the Department of Defense, Medicare, and Medicaid if we allowed ourselves the same policies. However, we are now implementing sequestration because we are unable to run an efficient and productive country. No, do not send and supply arms to Taiwan, they may be turned and used against the very people who supplied them.

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