• Iraq is a sovereign state but is not ready to be independent.

    The United States was responsible for removing the corrupt government that Iraq had in place, now the deed is to help the country get back on its feet and make sure the new government is able to develop and eventually be able to take care of its self. If the U.S. military leaves Iraq terrorist and rebels will take over the country and the economic and social condition's will worsen in the country. Iraq can also help the interest of the united states but only if he united states is able to help Iraq

  • Yes the US should send military assistance to the Iraq government.

    The United States does have economic interests in keeping a stable government in Iraq and to that end should provide limited military assistance to Iraq. However under no terms should that assistance include troops on the ground, either in combat or as instructors. The use of drones and aircraft can provide support that will change the outcome of the battles.

  • It's the right thing to do.

    Yes, the U.S. should send military assistance to Iraq, because we were the ones who insisted that they get rid of Sadaam Hussein in the first place. If they are not strong enough military to keep a hold of their own country, it is in the interests of justice for us to step in.

  • Control is Required

    In situations which are escalating and becoming out of control, the US military should step in to try to re-instate some order to the situation. I do not think the military should go in with an objective of violence, but the communication and the outside influences must be increased in order to better control the situation.

  • No, I don't believ we should.

    I think that once we have pulled out our troops we need to stay out of Iraq for a very long time. We cannot be responsible for trying to keep the peace in every country. I think non-profit groups should be sent over to help the civilians, but that is as far as I would be willing to go.

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