• Support your Allies

    Turkey is an old freind who stood by us through the cold war. We can not and should not forget such freindship. Troops should be sent if requested their presence will stabilize the region show our commitment to allies and give the United States much more leverage over the soon to come new Syrian government.

  • The United States should stop playing world bully

    However noble its intents may originally have been, the United States foreign policy of sending in the troops any time there's even a minor scare has become quite tiresome, and much of the world sees it less as police force and more as a bully. I don't want to hear about the United States sticking its big troops into other people's business. Where the US brings 'help,' it leaves destruction and sadness in its wake.

  • We Do Not Need To Go To Turkey

    The US troops do not need to go to Turkey. The positives of going over there do not outweigh the potential negatives. More lives would be cost and the country would go into deeper debt if we had to pump more money into the military because we deployed soldiers over to Turkey.

  • No need to get into another country's affair

    I believe that United States shouldn't have to send troops to Turkey as they have their own problems to deal with and so do we. Yes in fact we are allies but we should not jeopardize the lives of our troops once again. Since many of our troops have sacrificed their lives and time to help our country, I think it's just fair not to let more lives be put to stake once again.

  • We do not need to meddle in everyone's affairs.

    The United States has enough on its plate without policing the entire world. It's not our job to restore democracy in every nook and cranny of the universe. We have a ridiculous debt and our economy is suffering. We have better things to be focusing on rather than the needs of other countries.

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