Should the U.S. sign the Ottawa Treaty and ban the production and export of land mines?

  • Land mines are a horrible tool of war.

    Land mines are an indiscriminate killer with no expiration date. There are still mines laid in WWII that are causing casualties today. The point of a mine field is to deter an enemy from using a portion of land. This is a very effective strategy, but it has consequences if not handled carefully. Mapping the mines and removing them at the end of the conflict is paramount, but rarely the case.

  • Yes: America Should Sign on to the Ottawa Treaty

    It is a disgrace that the United States would not join the 161 other countries who have signed onto the agreement and ban land mine usage. These products of death remain dangerous to civilian populations even after warfare has come to an end. Any so called benefits are outweighed by the psychological trauma incurred by not knowing if your children may one day step onto a landmine.

  • No American company should be involved in arming another nation or group, outside of the United States.

    Exported weapons, including land mines, almost always end up in the hands of our enemies, or groups that should not have them. This makes it treasonous to export landmines or any other weapons, for that matter.. Land mines are especially bad, because, once there buried, there often forgot about. This poses a threat for future generations, who may unknowingly walk into mine field that was buried years earlier.

  • Ottawa Treaty and ban

    Americans retain distinct advantages that could allow them to remain the pivotal power. Think of Uncle Sam as a poker player sitting at a global table of cohorts, holding better cards than anyone else: a free and vibrant society, a history of technological innovation, an ability to attract capital and generate jobs, and a relatively young and regenerating population.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that these can be really good weapons and are really good to use in war, so we should not ban the making of them here in the US. I think that the people in a war will want to use them someday and that we will want em.

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