Should the U.S. spend billions of dollars on space exploration

Asked by: CabbageWarrior12
  • Yeah so i like space

    Planets might have oil maybe? And there's no russians on mars. So, if there's oil AAAAANNNNNND no russians, it can't be all that bad right? Cause like if N.K. Were to do a bad thing and wipe us out then we have a backup colony on like jupiter or neptune or pluto or something. Yay!

  • I say Space is important

    The reason that space is important is because we already discovered that moon has water and if all goes well Mabey mars will be as successful as earth and if it is we can go to Mars and Mabey make it a huge new theme park or somthing it could be amazing and just think if America des covers that

  • For Future Generations

    Many years from now our society will become inhabitable due to extinction of animals, environment deterioration, rising sea levels, and loss of vital resources. It should be in our best interest to start with the funding process now before it's too late. This is ultimately what we need to do in order to keep the human race intact.

  • Plan B in Motion

    Space exploration needs to be funded. Though we may have more pressing matter, in 500 years, finding a new planet may be vital. The way we take care of our planet now will not give us the ability to last much longer. If space exploration gives the generations after us somewhere to live. Do it.

  • The exploration of space should not be an American Problem

    The exploration of space is a key factor in the way we understand our universe. When looking through a telescope one can only see so much. We should be exploring space not as just the united states but as a race of intelligent beings. I believe that the world should explore space together and split the bill because competition, in this case, may not be as effective as other places. While exploring the universe visiting the same place twice just because another country has been there and we haven't is a huge waste of money and time. I believe that we should explore the heavens as a race and not by individual countries.

  • Cost Affective and Unnessacary

    Over the course of 50 years, NASA has sent people to the moon, rovers on Mars, and is even thinking of sending people to Mars. However, have you ever considered the cost of this program? NASA siphons up tens of billions of dollars every year on space exploration. This money could be going to much more important terrestrial causes, such as ending poverty, curing diseases, and stopping global warming. According to their official budget, NASA is projected to spend 18.5 billion dollars out of the 21 billion they are funded, using tax payers dollars. This money is sometimes wasted, in unsuccessful launches and flights, which leads me to my next topic: the successfulness of their launches. NASA wastes time and money on these launches, which turn out to fail anyway. For example, the Apollo 13. This flight was disrupted by an oxygen leak, causing the spacecraft to crash land. Billions of dollars were wasted on this flight. Though the success rate has increased to about 94%, the risk can be devastating. The third and final argument I would like to talk about is space pollution. More than 500,000 pieces of debris orbit Earth at speeds of 17,500 mph. This not only damages spacecraft and satellites, it can create a dangerous environment for the astronauts in flight. On top of the fact that this, once again, can waste money. The floating debris can damage and destroy functioning satellites, and create even more debris. As there have been ways to clean up this debris, more will be created if NASA continues its operations from things like rocket boosters. NASA is stuck in the 1960's, and instead of trying to figure out problems back on Earth, they are still trying to send people to Mars. The time has come to pull the plug on NASA and its space exploration.

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