• Yes, stay out of

    The US should not get involved in things that don't concern them because it increases their foreign policy profile and therefore puts them in the view of terrorists more, increasing the chances of terrorist attacks occurring. The US should instead secure its borders and increase military within the nation for defense purposes. Yes we should also come to help for issues like genocide or other major issues.

  • History repeats itself!

    The U.S's ability to influence change in the world has unfortunately receded since D.J.T came into power.
    An example is the recent UN vote that went against it. If a country seen as the most powerful nation on Earth can't take a democratic vote against it's own actions and try to learn from it , instead of throwing it's toys out of the pram and threatening 'allies' and beneficiaries , then it shows what kind of a country it's becoming and it rightly deserves the loss to it's role as overseer.

    Most Americans , like other countries, are really cool people, it's a shame that their collective Goodwill gets hijacked by a cunch of bunts.

  • Yes, for many reasons

    1.) It's expensive
    1.5) We have enough debt ($19.9 trillion)
    2.) we would still be able to protect ourselves
    3.) we would make more money to pay off debt by being neutral during others' wars
    4.)Our families would not have to die fighting
    5.) Who are we to say is the right thing (I'm not supporting genocide or terrorism) but that isn't our country if the people don't like it there they should either ask for our help or fix it them selves
    5.5) i understand asking for our help or allied treaties or if American safety is threatened but the U.S just going in to other counties just because we don't like what they are doing is wrong and it costs money and lives for a cause that probably won't change

  • None of their business.

    The United States is already going through too much debt and thanks to Obama it has increase rapidly since 2008. The United States should only intervene when there are occurrences such as genocide, then I bleieve the United States may intervene. But in other less important affairs, the United States should just stay out of.

  • Yes, foreign affairs are expensive.

    Yes, it would be better if the United States would stay out of foreign affairs, because it is very expensive to be involved in affairs around the world. The United States has to have an opinion on everything. Honestly the United States has a large ego, when it comes to thinking it knows better than everyone else. It should take a step back and be more tolerant.

  • This might not be as bad as you think

    Originally I was on the side of we should not get involved in foreign affairs. However after 2 or 3 years of debating with myself and talking to a few people involved with these affairs both in terms of a US military presence and humanitarian programs, I have decided that the US getting involved in foreign affairs may not be as bad as I originally thought. I always thought that the US needed to stay out of other countries and keep to themselves because they should focus at problems at home (homelessness, police brutality, and things of that nature) however, it's not the federal governments job to make sure everyone has a home and food and money. The federal governments job is to maintain order and keep the people safe. So while the federal government "holds down the fort" the US getting involved in foreign affairs could gain them allies as well as a means for trade. Take China for example, the US isn't allied with them but we keep in contact for the trade benefits, which may help the US economy in the future.

  • The United States

    Is one of ( if not THE) the strongest nations on earth. Its power needs to be used in the right way. Morally speaking, it is important to intervene in foreign affairs. If the strongest nation on earth won't do the right thing, who will? The United States runs the world, and therefore need to intervene. It is a blessing and a curse that is tied with being the most influential nation on earth.

  • Without intervening in other's affairs how can we solve their problems

    We need more allies, and we can together end the problem and stop the war,, we need to help others with their problems because of our relationship, we don't need to fight for no reason, no matter what happen, we should not fight each other, we should be friendly. And we should protect our friends

  • It depends on the situation

    The US should not be involved with every foreign affair, of course, but with the things that do pertain to the country, or can have a significant impact on the country, the US should intervene. The US should also support movements that are moral or justified throughout the world. If an ally or other country is trying to accomplish something for the good of others, the US should be there to support them. If the US does not pertain to the situation, then they should not be involved.

  • Not Stay Out of

    The US should not stay out of foreign affairs because being part of them is a means of protection for the country. The US should however not get involved in things that don't really concern them and not get involved to the full extend that they have been in recent years.

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