• We the people

    We are no longer a nation of immigrants, we are a nation of Americans. The greatest nation on the planet is where 2 billion third world humans want to be. Bringing them here does not solve the problem they left behind and doesn't benefit anyone in the US. Selective immigration for needed skill sets is all that should be allowed

  • It's not like they are helping us try to change our opinion .

    It's a sad topic because I am a 24yr old Hispanic , I've had friends growing up who were living here illegally and well I've also seen the good that some immigrants can do . It's horrible that the majority of immigrants are going to ruin it for those who actually come here to contribute to the system and work hard as a American . They don't suck money out of government and they go to school to actually learn. Having been substituting for he past year and shadowing various teachers, it's hurtful to see so many immigrant children ,mainly Mexicans,going to school with lack of respect , no motivation to sit and learn or at least let others learn . It's a poison for the education system. So many repeats in the grades where learning is vital such as 3rd grade ,where the mind is absorbing so much. It's also disgusting to see so many over weight family's at wal mart using government assistance and parking in handicap lots. Call it jealously or whatever but I hate it when these people are able to live on their own and breed in nice apartments or "housing" , while people like myself are stuck at home with their parents trying to pay monthly loan bills and car bills. I have a cat for gods sake ! Is nt that enough to qualify myself and others to those nice government housing . I have also witnessed children and co workers who are of Mexican decent have no sense of American pride . That was the last straw in my book. My father and grandfather did not risk their life's for

  • Stop immigration now

    Lets use the funds & resources we have for our own people. We do not have the liberty we had centuries ago which had resulted in implementing the immigration reforms. These were needed then, but now, the situation of our Land is different. We cannot afford to bring in more people in the country when our own people are hungry, homeless, jobless.

  • Yes it does

    Africa for Africans, Asia for the Asians, but white countries for everyone? If skin colour does not matter, then why is racial diversity so important in all and only white countries? There needs to be more open discussion about this as the world is changing, and this ideology that all white people are evil needs to stop.

  • Stop immigration or set up a point system so that native born Americans who compete for jobs against immigrants have a chance...

    We are inundated with people in this country native and immigrants and need to slow the influx of incomers. We can barely support the people who are here already let alone millions of new immigrants. We need to start thinking like Switzerland and make immigration more difficult. In California, Texas and New Mexico the newborn population has already surpassed the 50% Caucasian mark so we are already diverse and multicultural which is great! But let’s save what we have and not ruin our country by overpopulation. Where this has hurt me personally is competing for jobs. I have a graduate degree, went on an interview and was one of 8 people out of 47 that were native born competing for a particular job. I didn’t get it and don’t know who did but I felt like I was in another country competing for a job. These people have another country to go back to… I DON’T... I CAN'T LEAVE THIS PLACE... IT IS ALL I HAVE!

  • Strictly limit yearly immigration!

    Immigration has been an integral part of this country since its founding. With each wave of immigrants we grew not only as a people but as a culture with a distinctly american identity. But unlike the immigrants of the past, today's immigrants do not have to assimilate into mainstream american culture.

  • We Need Assimilation.

    From 1925-1965, the United States stopped all immigration. The end of WW1 brought about the red scare with the fall of Russia to communism. The significant increase in Eastern European immigrants in the early 20th century, from socialist leaning countries, the United States correctly closed immigration and began to successfully assimilate the immigrants into the melting pot which was our culture. Today, as in 1925, we have grown very diverse very quickly. We are no longer a melting pot where immigrants are proud to be American. The culture today is more similar to several pots sitting on different burners on the same stove. We need to stop all immigration and stop sliding towards the ideals of globalism. If we want a chance to be a unified country going into the future, we must protect our own business interests with fair trade (not free trade), close the border, and assimilate immigrants into our culture. But thats not going to happen because its not "political correct" or "pro-diversity". I'm on the wrong side of history.

  • Yes Stop Immigration

    The US has lost it's identity as well as Europe. Our cities are becoming violent and people are afraid to leave their houses. Multiculturalism and the Mulsim culture is ruining everything and turning once great cities in to third world cesspools. I weep for my children's future here because they probably will not have a good one.

  • Immigrants are uneducated freeloaders.

    Being an American College Student, I become extremely aggravated that because my parents are hard working individuals I am not granted the privilege like so many others to receive a free tuition and board because their parents decided to slack off and be dependent on the government. While I do understand certain circumstances are unavoidable but no student should be going to school for free, they can be given loans like every other student but it is not fair that they will receive the same degree as me and walk out debt free, while I will be hard at work paying off student loans! No more freebie's for the lazy people of the United States. If you are not even an American you surely do not deserve any type of funding.

  • No more needed

    USA is not the USA of the past. We have enough people and slowly but surely we are giving away the farm to those who take advantage. Full house here - we need to take care of our own, not others. This is not about racism. It is about competition and resource control.

  • Of course not

    Seriously, how did you come here? Your great grandfather probably was trying to escape poverty, bad life, bad health care, a bad government, and so on. You are just lucky your ancestors came here early and you didn't have to struggle along the trip. If you don't like people immigrating to the US then go back to your native country and make a red Indian happy. Also don't be racist towards blacks or Asians immigrating, Don't forget that your president is the offspring of slaves.

  • No, that is not what America is about.

    America was founded by immigrants and needs to continue to support immigration in a large way. So many accomplishments in American have been made because of immigrants, and if we stop all U.S. immigration, we are depriving our country and our current citizenry of all kinds of possibilities coming to reality. American needs to continue to be inclusive, that is its character, and none of us would be here if it weren't.

  • Not at all

    It might not be a good idea stopping all immigration. First of all, if they do so all US immigrants will barred too from others countries. I mean, US is not the only one country who welcomed immigrants, there are many others countries from Asia, Africa and maybe Europe that welcomed a lot of people from US. In addition, immigrants people in the US pay a lot fees and taxes than americans immigrants do in others countries. You guys are lucky and should be happy to have immigrants that contribute to the economy of the country otherwise you all would have to face the poverty and etc... Moreover, I can tell for sure that a lot people from here are doing the same thing in Africa. Now there are less job available for native ones, the only difference is that immigrants in US are not well paid here.
    Note: If you guys read the history of the US you would think twice before posting ur ideas. USA is not even your countries... Read the books

  • Live For all.

    We need to stop trying to protect a land that we feel we own! Most immigrants are attempting to flee gangs that are using them for drug and sex trade, they are living in poverty and just want to live a happy life like the rest of us Americans do. Years ago America embraced immigration to help those who were living in horrible conditions to come here and start a living in a free and safe nation. Who are you to say you own this land and that others shouldn't have the same opportunity's as you? We as humans need to start living for humanity and stop living for borders.

  • Just read the racist judgments from the yes side to hear how unrealistic many of the ideas are.

    What are we protecting our border from? Maybe with the money we spend trying to build a "Great wall of USA" could be spent helping Mexico clean up the mess they have going on. Then they would stay home. They are not coming here for a free ride, but for a chance to not be tortured or destitute. We can't find workers to fill labor intensive jobs here now and they work hard so what is the real reason you don't want them here seems to be racist gene mixing (if you read the yes side) absurd! Its not a disease if you don't want a mix gene pool don't screw one but leave them alone for gods sake.

  • Support Us Immigrations

    First question, who created America? Was it the Britain? The French? No, The U.S was not created from just one country. There was more than one. The U.S. is a free and equal country regardless of race, gender, or origins. It's a country where everyone is equal. If everyone is equal, then why is immigrations being treated so differently. I know that there might be illegal immigrations, but who can resist a new opportunity i life. Some might just wand a better life, some wants to start all over and begin a new life, and some wants to live in a better condition than sleeping on the ground. Why not just give them a chance? We could do background checks and build a wall to keep danger out. So Why Not?

  • Think a little more carefully

    It would be absolutely wonderful for the U.S. to stop all illegal immigration. It would be absolutely horrible for the U.S. to stop all immigration. What about my friend's family in Africa? They want to live in the states. They are hard working, honest, and are not poor. Why should they be denied to come and live here with their family? They would not be a burden on the U.S., in fact they would help the U.S. prosper. Now illegal aliens, I think it would be great to stop them.

  • No, that is not what America is about.

    America was founded by immigrants and needs to continue to support immigration in a large way. So many accomplishments in American have been made because of immigrants, and if we stop all U.S. Immigration, we are depriving our country and our current citizenry of all kinds of possibilities coming to reality. American needs to continue to be inclusive, that is its character, and none of us would be here if it weren't.

  • No, not all immigration

    I don't think the U.S. should stop all immigration. I don't think that would even be possible, let alone good for the country. I think that immigration should be more strict and make the criteria for immigration more difficult. That is because our country is in debt so we can't be taking care of poor immigrants.

  • For real people

    The USA doesn't have control over the world. People are thinking about
    all the bad things about immigration... WHAT ABOUT CULTURES! There are so many things immigration has done for us that is NOT NEGATIVE. Yes there are bad things about it I agree, but the thing is immigration is good for more reasons then it is bad. Think about it for a second.

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