• Yes, the US should stop bombing ISIS.

    Yes, I believe that the US should stop bombing ISIS. I believe ISIS should be stopped, but that bombings are not the answer, as innocent lives may pay the price. I believe we need to be more strategic in our seeking out of top ISIS leaders and tackle this in a covert manner, targeting the top leaders. Cut off the head of the beast and it dies.

  • Yes, collateral damage is too high a price.

    Yes, the US should stop bombing ISIS. The bombings have caused too much collateral damage. The destruction of homes and lives perpetuates the arguments of ISIS against the West and the US of a disregard to the lives of those in the Middle East. The choice to continue bombing ISIS leads to sympathizers within US borders such as the couple who carried out the recent mass shooting in California. Engaging in this manner also increases Islamophobia in the US and creates unrest among the populace.

  • Yup. Yes. Yeah.

    Isis is soooo nice! They did nothing to you besides feed you cupcakes! They are so innocent and never killed anyone. They are such big Christians and sooo peaceful. They have no intentions of killing anyone and they love everyone! Isis Isis Isis Isis Isis isis Isis Isis. Stop it!

  • Its not getting the job done.

    Base on what i know ISIS is only getting stronger and stronger and the bombings are not helping any but ISIS gain more recruits. We need to stop the bombing and work together with other countries even Russia to come with a plan that will actually work and put a new government in Syria. The only way to beat a group that is tearing the world apart is by being united against it.

  • I hate ISIS

    I hate ISIS! Do you know how many things they did to the United States of America? You better rethink that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember when they crashed in the Twin Tower and there were like, thousands of people in that Tower!!! So I think that The United States show them what they deserve!!

  • Yes if our airstrikes continue to be a background action

    ISIS isnt going to be weakened with our airstrikes. Either we stop our airstrikes that arent really doing anything. Or we do what the russians do and carpet bomb. Collateral damage will be high but right now we are just killing civies for no real point. Man up or stop the bombings

  • Have they been stopped?

    The answer is the same. As long as they continue to be a threat against us and other countries, we should continue every effort to end them one way or another. Personally, I think we should do surgical strikes with nukes. If we just use bombs, they could always just hide in some cave near by and just pop back up afterwards. With nukes, they will either die in the cave or have to stay isolated in it.

  • They won't stop

    ISIS is a hate group. They will not stop in their agenda to destroy those that have different beliefs. Someone needs to disrupt their supply lines, chain of command and support network so the people of Syria can take back the land. Unfortunately in this case there can be no peace if ISIS continues.

  • No no no

    We must destroy them and there leaders they want world domination we need to keep bombing them keep fighting and keep destroying ISIS and they need to go we don't want another Paris attack or another 9/11 bomb them till they are destroyed for good they must pay for there crimes and beheadings on Christian people and other Americans bomb them!

  • No there is really no reason to stop airstrikes

    The only reason why I would personally stop airstrikes is if there were massive civilian casualities besides that the airstrikes on isis have been mostly succesful isis by this rate isis will be defeated by 2020 and peace maybe just maybe can be restored in the middle east . ....

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  • No, we need to stop them from doing more damage.

    ISIS has terrorized the US, Europe, and many other countries. We need to stop them. Peace will not stop them. They think they have the potential to rule the world. Bombing them is the only way we are going to stop them from what they have done and what they can do.

  • Making their money

    No, they should not stop air strikes, the US is blowing up their oil refinery's, which is not giving the money for weapons, food, and explosives. With all of the money they are making from oil by selling on the black market, they can just get stronger and stronger. Thanks

  • Isis must be stopped

    Gee because they chop peoples heads off and run em over with tanks its not revenge its called punishment and it is equal to their crimes and to all the people who say it should stop ill say this do you think they'd stop with Paris France for gods sake no they'll keep doing what they do kill people destroy historic artifacts the truth is ISIS doesn't give a F*** and sooner or later we could have another 9/11

  • I believe ISIS should continued to be bombed.

    ISIS is a dangerous group and they are more like a terrorist group. If the U.S. keeps bombing them, the group will be crushed like ants. Unless the U.S. keeps bombing them, the group will not rise again unless someone wants to lead more terrorist attacks. So yes the ISIS should be bombed.

  • No, Isis is a threat that must be eliminated.

    We need to keep using airstrikes against Isis, more than once on occasion have they attacked us, or took responsibility for, lone wolf terrorist attacks on this nation. Plus, as long as we keep using airstrikes, we don't need to send ground troops to Syria, meaning this is a happy solution for both political parties.

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