• We could cut cost of fuel.

    We could never use all of the oil reserves that we have tapped. We shouldn't depend on another country for our oil which costs us very high prices. The money our people save at the pump would help them and our economy. With the money we save it could help us afford even better ways to travel instead of uging gallons of fuel.

  • Yes

    We need to find a way to be more self sufficient or even become an exporter instead of an importer. The world is too dependent on oil and the oil companies are getting to rich. We need to not only stop using so much oil but the oil we do use needs to come from the US.

  • Yes, the U.S. should stop depending on foreign oil.

    Yes, I believe that the U.S. should stop depending on foreign oil. If we completely stopped depending on foreign oil, it would be a boost for our economy. Unfortunately, that is not an easy task, as the U.S. uses more oil than almost every country in the world. The only practical way to become completely independent on foreign oil is to stop using so much oil and use alternative energy sources instead.

  • The right choice economically

    The US would save billions of dollars a year by drilling our own oil. Not only do we spend billions but we send all of that money to countries in the Middle East who support terrorist groups in their own country. We need to be wise in what we do.

  • The US government is too dependent on oil in general.

    The government is spending trillions of dollars to get ourselves and other countries involved in foreign conflicts. With all the unemployed youth around, there will be plenty of people joining the military and sacrificing themselves to lower the cost of oil. The trillions of dollars being spent on these wars should be put into green energy usage, along with free health care and education.

  • We don't need oil

    Oil is a subtance when it is burned it pollutes the air. When they drill for oil in the ocen and it spills the fish that swim through the oil won't be able to swim and then they will die just because we want a BLACK LIQUID called OIL out of the ground

  • We don't need oil

    Oil is a subtance when it is burned it pollutes the air. When they drill for oil in the ocen and it spills the fish that swim through the oil won't be able to swim and then they will die just because we want a BLACK LIQUID called OIL out of the ground

  • Well for one we should stop using oil because it is a hazard to our environment

    Burning of the oil through combustion in vehicles release green house gases into the environment such as carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide.In the process it may cause air and water pollution. This also causes human ill health, melting of ice in Antarctica, reduce of crops, deaths of animals, and many other hazardous conditional situations

  • Oil and gas are causing Global Warming.

    People should stop using oil and gas because it is not good for our body, its releasing Carbon Dioxide into the air which is causing Global Warming, and air is like the only gas we should have around us. Oil and gas are two of the only things we DON'T need.

  • Why not it's the better option.

    Oil independence won't happen overnight. We can surely become oil I dependent if we stop using so much of it, we need to make our cars more efficient and resort to other means of energy such ass wind solor hydro, whatever the case may be: oil as an entity is not only polluting but disastrous to the area it's drilled in. People around the areas where oil is drilled for are sucked than the rest of the population.
    The US can become oil independent by different means such as drilling their own oil, resorting to renewable energy, or some other form. I would much rather have the US depend on renewable energies such as solar, wind, and hydro. We can also do nuclear energy but it seems as if everyone is too scared to use nuclear energy.
    As our cars become more fuel efficient and we start to use less oil gradually in the coming years we will ultimately resort to other means, fossil fuels in general such as oil and gas seems primitive for the 21st century we are relying on the fossils of dead animals from millions of years ago for our energy, we need a new technological innovation for the 21st century.

  • No Not Right Now!

    No, Absolutely not at this point and time. With the fact that oil is a natural resource, and we do not have enough natural resources on the earth to supply everyone their is many who say we will run dry of oil. It would be better for the USA to run dry all other nations before using up all are supplies. Yes we abuse that right and consume way to much but the ones who hold all the oil are really the ones in power. So if we can consume up everyone else s first we do not ever have to be worried about being a controlled country like China someday. It is essential for the USA to hold on to its Reserves.

  • No, the U.S. should stop depending on foreign oil.

    I think the U.S. need to reduce its dependence on foreign oil not stop depending on it. The US's oil consumption comprises of almost a half of the world' oil consumption. Therefore, if US reduces their portion, the oil price will drop greatly which will benefit not only the US but also all those countries. However, since the US's economy is not entirely depend on the saving from stopping dependence on foreign oil, the US should not use all of its reserved oil, which will serve its good purpose in emergence.

  • It is very very bad

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  • The U.S. should not stop depending on foreign oil

    The U.S. need foreign oil as there are many regulations for oil drilling within the U.S. border. If the U.S. were to stop depending on foreign oil, we may have a low supply of oil causing a rise in oil prices which can ruin the economy. This will then force people to drill for oil which will cause destruction in the environment.

  • Complete Oil Independence is Unfathomable. Oil Reduction is.

    1. The United States has only 3 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves. That 3 percent yields about 5 million barrels per day, and if production were to remain at the same level, the reserves would last 11 or 12 years.
    2. Imports of oil is cheaper than oil producing in the states. Why? Because the costs of labor and the expenses of conducting such an operation are so cheap in foreign countries that producing oil in the states is still vastly more expensive then getting it shipped from overseas. Same reason why companies in the U.S. Close their factories and send them overseas. Why? Shipping raw materials to factories overseas and shipping the final product back to the states is significantly cheaper than producing a said product in the U.S.
    3. Irreversible damage is happening to all of the areas currently producing oil. By products are have a disastrous effect on the environments, polluting both the water and air supply, wiping out local habitats, and it has been confirmed that populations in proximity to these locations have a tremendous spike in cancer and related illnesses due to the pollution it produces. So importing oil is in exchanging preserving the health of our populations and preserving the serenity of our prestigious natural environments.
    4. In conclusion these are reasons why complete oil independence is unfathomable. We do not have the sufficient oil reserves to become completely oil independent and even if we do open up all of our resources we would only be temporarily independent for an approximate decade before we dry up that resource driving us back to foreign oil consumption. Even with the current oil prices it is still cheaper to import foreign oil than to produce it in the states. Finally, the obvious and disastrous effects on the environment are kept at by keeping that overseas.
    5. What is within our midst is to significantly reduce foreign oil dependence to the point that if an international event were to occur we would have the capacity to still remain stable. How? By turning to a massive operation of turning to electric energy through large solar/wind power plants and have a movement headed by government to ease our automobile industry into more highly efficient vehicles, both in regards to hybrids and electrical vehicles, and provide incentives to the population to make the switch, and make much needed improvements to our public transportation. This would greatly reduce our oil consumption to the point where not as much foreign oil would be needed bringing down the intake of foreign oil to a goal of 33%. This results in 66% domestic energy intake making us capable of functioning if we were cut from foreign oil at any given time.

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