• China communist country

    China is a communist country it does not suport freedom or human rights.Everything in walmart is made by slave labor for the greed of business in the USA. Stop all trade pass a law if it can be made in america it MUST be made in america. Support american jobs

  • They are stopping the use of the US Dollar

    Yes we should stop imports and exports from and to china. They are trying to push us to the curb after years of propping them up and taking care of them . Russia also, they have teamed up together to try and destroy our economy. We have sent billions of dollars to help country's take care of their people, but yet we are ridiculed. Oh Well so be it

  • Yes, we should!

    More jobs + more money = Paying our debt! It is all simple. It would probably get more people to work so thwy won't be on welfare. I think that we a should so we actually have the money to pay our debt, which is in the trillions. Yes is my final answer!

  • We can't stop all trade, but should immediately stop importing non-necessities

    Trade with China is necessary. They are the 2nd largest economy and without that market many of our businesses would fail. China's advantage is cheap labor. So, we can't compete with lower margin items. It simply makes more sense to let China manufacture clothing, shoes, handbags, etc. Let them. Are we really prepared to have unionized workers making those items here? Are you prepared to pay 10 times the amount you currently do? No! Let them have those jobs. If the USA and China cut relations or went to war, I'd rather have Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Ford, & GM plants than a billion sewing machines. However, the problem in the USA is that 95% of the country, led by our government's example, live beyond our means. Most of the items we import, most of the items we purchase regularly, are not needed. We love to consume. We love to collect. We love to hoard. We love to redecorate. All of this cheap, unneeded crap comes from China. China's true advantage is that even with a manufacturing base that produces low cost, useless items... They pay their bills! Then they loan us their profits. When China decides to call in all of its loans, they won't be dumb enough to take back all of their plastic nicknacks and lead-coated toys in exchange for what we owe them. Stop buying products you know you don't need. Pay your bills.

  • Yes they should

    We would be able to pay off our debts with all the money we would save. We would be able to make the goods the way we want them to be. There would be less street wars and we would not have to worry about people or countries bombing us .

  • Don't expect Obama to do anything

    The easiest way we can stop China from destroying us is to simply stop buying their crap. If the importers see they can't move any of the junk China sends over they will stop bringing it over. It doesn't do them any good having warehouses full of merchandise they can't sell. Se we need to convince our own people not to buy Chinese.

  • Wake up America

    China getting all the jobs, plus there getting richer,stronger, and better than America and the most important thing is the American people is suffering, which is very hard to believe that America is allowing this to happen. Common guys step up and do something! We're smart, intelligent ,and very strong so please wake up!

  • Every dollar you spend

    Where did this new found money go? To the people being exploited? No .. Mostly to the Chinese military. So think about it every time you buy a piece of cheap low quality crap, you buy the Chinese army a shiny new bullet . Enough of us get together we can buy them a tank. Oh but they won't use it on us .... Maybe not directly but ask yourself who supplying Syria and Iran? And there's no way any of that equipment finds its way to others who are more than happy to fire it in our direction. So just wise up and use your head ..

  • Too much money leaving our country

    We spend $100.00 on China Junk for every $1.00 China spend here. Mostly scrap metal and other raw materials. They steal our ideas, force companies to give up information to sell in China. They do not respect copyrighted information, they try to steal any and all company information. Why do business with them?

  • Raise Duties on Chinese Goods

    We need to raise duties in order to protect segments of U.S. Manufacturing that are in danger of disappearing, and to regain segments that have already been lost. When the businesses go under, the plant and equipment gets auctioned off for pennies on the dollar and much of it gets shipped to Asia. It is a matter of national security to have a certain productive capacity here at home, here in our hemisphere. Therefore, higher duties are needed.

  • Don't stop, but slow it down.

    I don't think we should stop imports from China at all. I do believe that we should cut down a bit and start making our own products. We were a country built on manufacturing. What happened? We got lazy and in good times we decided buying cheap would be faster. This is a major reason the economy is where it is today, we stopped making and chose buying.

  • We really can't.

    While it is nice to think that the United States of America could magically stop importing from China, the fact of the matter is that we are much too dependent on them as it is. We are too invested in them and don't have much of a choice to stop.

  • No, the US should not stop importing from China.

    No, I don't believe that the US should stop importing from China. Government critics and right-wing political pundits love to call attention to the fact that the US is heavily reliant on China, but though they call for a complete cessation of all trade with China, this would be catastrophic to America's economy. After suffering the meltdown of 2007-2009 because of predatory lending and other factors, the US cannot afford to take any more blows to its economy, especially now that it is finally bouncing back.

  • Not the whole country

    Banning products from a certain company in China should be allowed at the *LOCAL* level. However, banning a class of products from a country at the country/federal level gives incentives for corporate backed lobbyists to remove customer choice, prevent competition and hurt consumers via protectionism.

    We should also let Chinese workers (via special programs) into America to reduce prices, increase taxes to America, and decrease taxes to China. The Chinese workers also spend money so they end up helping our economy.

  • Where else would you find cheap imports

    Imagine when you step into Target and Walmart, you found the prices of textiles, furniture, and everything on your shopping list surged because US stopped importing goods from China and instead US are manufacturing these goods itself. Is that what you want? Seriously? Please do think before spitting out words with no sense.

  • Too much things from china!

    There are too much things coming from china, take this, I am Japanese and I like buying Japanese things, but look.
    Everything I buy, IS MADE IN CHINA!!!! I am really sick of this, "made in china" stuff, why can't other places like Korea, Japan, or any other countries go with what they can sell for their country?

  • Think About it

    The U.S is dependent on China for most of its products. Most of the things we use everyday are from China. If we stopped importing, then thousands of Chinese people would be out of jobs, and the U.S would have to make everything. That would need more jobs and more money to pay the workers. We get products cheap from China, so it would be stupid not to take advantage of it.

  • The us sucks

    I believe that the us sucks at everything so its a given the we need china to trade with us, uz we are super lazy. We dont like to make our own shit so we count onc china, a country built on a bucnh of ling lings to make it for us.

  • Imports are good for Americans

    Capitalism works by competition. If we close off foreign trade it creates an environment where local businesses don't have to compete. (no increases in productivity)

    The argument that it displaces americans jobs doesn't hold up because workers freed up from manufacturing can work in more lucrative and more profitable service industry jobs instead.(current unemployment rate isn't too shabby)

    If we protect all businesses from competition then we should enforce laws against light bulbs(to support jobs held by candle makers) against bicycles(takes jobs from detroit cars makers) against our beloved iphones to support land line phones(ugh remember those??)!!!!

    Its creative destruction of the free market that makes our world better

  • Don't stop but please slow down

    If we completely stop trading with China, our economy would come to an Earth shattering stop. We would start to pay more for everyday items and soon our money would become inflated. I do believe we should start to slow down what and how much we import. I think that if we stopped importing useless items that really don't cost much, whether or not they are produced in China, we would be making the first step to improving our situation. Maybe we can even start to pay back some of the debt we owe.

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