Should the U.S. stress workplace enforcement of immigration laws instead of constructing barricades along the Mexican border?

  • I believe the solution to the immigration issue should be workforce legislation, because most immigrants come here for work.

    I think that there should be workforce legislation enacted in order to curb the increase in illegal immigration, because the main reason that many immigrants come to the United States is to seek steady employment. That means that companies are hiring them. These companies should be the ones who are held liable.

    Posted by: IoweAim
  • No to Illegal immigrants

    We have Black Americans that need these jobs. I dont care if illegals are parents send them and their children back to their own country. I hate they dont have the life we have in America but Since they have over taken the U.S. My quality of life has DECREASED. AND IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE. We have retirees that have worked all their life that get little to nothing from social programs to help them but you have an illegal woman birth eight/ten kids and tax payers foot the bill for anchor babies. They should be deported and follows laws tp enter this country after their ten year wait. NO AMENESTY. WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN CITIZENS AND ANCHOR BABIES SHOULD NOT BE CLASSED AS CITIZENS.

  • If employers face a large penalty for hiring undocumented workers, then there would be less hiring and less incentive for illegal immigrants to come.

    The employers that hire undocumented workers are taking advantage of illegal workers. They often pay lower wages with fewer, if any, benefits than American citizens. The employers should be the ones to have the incentive taken away, so that the problem goes away.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I support stressing immigration law enforcement over border barricades, because the latter are ineffective.

    Ten-foot walls just mean eleven-foot ladders, and there are constantly tunnels being found and dug underneath. If immigration law enforcement is tough enough to destroy the market for illegal labor, then the supply of immigrants is sure to decrease dramatically. Besides, stopping future illegals at the border does nothing about the ones that are already here.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Border barriers are a monstrous waste of money, compared to workplace enforcement of immigration laws.

    Border barricades are not a viable solution to the problem of illegal immigration to the U.S. Effective barricades are extremely expensive to build and monitor, and very disruptive to the environment and to the legal flow of legal goods and people. In addition, humans will quickly find ways to bypass any barrier, if the incentive is great enough. Workplace enforcement of immigration laws has several important advantages: it reduces the incentive for illegal immigration, it emphasizes penalties on U.S.-based businesses, which have more to lose than do an illegal immigrant who can simply try again after deportation and it will force into the open a discussion of actual labor needs, versus the desire to take advantage of cheap labor from workers who are afraid to complain about unsafe or otherwise exploitative working conditions.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • Workplace enforcement of immigration laws will be more effective than a barricade in dealing with illegal immigration.

    The Mexico-United States border runs thousands of miles, and there is little hope of constructing an effective barricade between the two countries. Illegal immigrants will not illegally cross the border if they are unable to earn money. Therefore the more cost-effective means of capping the long-standing problem is to prevent American employers from hiring illegals. The United States government can have more influence over US employers than they can over another nation's citizens.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • Illegal have undeniably generally been helpful to the US

    They generally take the low pay, no good jobs that we don't want and they generally make good contributions doing the grunt work that we also don't want to do. There is also increase in population. These people are not all the same just like you and me they come here to live, they don't spread disease or problems anymore than we do.

  • I do feel the U.S. should worry less about building more fences and focus on enforcing the non-hiring policy of illegal immigrants.

    I do feel the U.S. Should worry less about building more fences and focus on enforcing the non-hiring policy of illegal immigrants. The fences that have already been built do not seem to solve the problem. If illegal immigrants were unable to find any type of work they would not see this as a country they would want to immigrate to.

    Posted by: TickoCa22
  • The U.S. should stress workplace enforcement of immigration laws.

    The U.S. should stress workplace enforcement of immigration laws because that is the most effective way of discouraging illegal immigration. If employers were both fined and jailed for hiring illegal aliens, the flow of illegals looking for jobs would dry up. Barricades can be breached, but, by removing the motivation for illegal immigration, the number of illegal immigrants will drop.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Yes, because preventing illegal immigrants from obtaining illegal employment is the better solution.

    No man-made wall is ever going to stop illegal immigrants, as long as they need money and this country offers the opportunity for profitable, yet illegal, employment. So we have to address the problem of employers who hire and exploit these illegal workers. The net effect will be a deterrent to illegal immigration.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • The U.S shouldn't stress workplace enforcement laws. Instead we should focus on converting these people to legal status.

    It's a little too late to stop illegal immigration. There's no difference between an illegal immigrant and an immigrant other than their legal status. What we should focus on is giving incentive for these people to become legal U.S citizens without penalty, and then we can fix the immigration problem and then secure the borders.

    The U.S has relied on cheap labor for its entire history. Whether it was slavery back in the 1800's, European immigrants in the 1900's back in the era of the Robber barons, or the present day, where these "illegal immigrants" are doing the cheap labor at home, and other people from India, China, etc are doing cheap labor in U.S interests overseas.

    Posted by: RayEar

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jarvis7151 says2016-11-13T06:18:18.373
I no longer trust the government to enforce anything to do with immigration. If there had been proper enforcement from the beginning and if they were immediately deported when they were caught there would not be 20 million of them here. Greedy selfish employers won't help, they have caused the problem. I think our best option is to try to keep them out.