• Yes, definetly!

    Standard and Poors mislead the United States due to the the ratings of mortgage bonds in 2007. Standard and Poor was the main contributor to the 2008 financial crisis due to the city governments and other institutions purchasing investments from Standard and Poors. The United States should definitely sue them because they are one of the reasons for the bad economy!

  • Yes, It Should Be Done

    Standard & Poors is one of the many contributors to the global financial crisis that rocked the world not too very long ago. Someone needs to be held accountable for the financial meltdown, and there is no reason why Standard & Poors shouldn't be. The justice department is making the right move.

  • Yes, S&P should be sued for providing misleading ratings

    I believe the U.S. is right to sue S&P over its ratings of mortgage bonds in 2007. The ratings given by S&P and other ratings agencies prior to the 2008 financial crisis not only appeared questionable but also contributed to losses in investments purchased by city governments and other institutions. S&P has maintained that its ratings are protected by 1st Amendment rights in defense of lawsuits brought by investors, however, free speech does not equal the freedom to manipulate or falsify information relied upon by entities in order to make quality investment decisions.

  • Justice For All

    The United States is absolutely justified in its filing of a lawful against Standard & Poors and their rating of mortgage securities. In fact, one could argue that the United States took far too long to take action against those that contributed to the financial meltdown that nearly brought this country to its knees.

  • No Absolutely not!

    It's dumb to go into a court room and sue knowing damn well you're going to loose! S&P was right to do what they did. We'd be screwed in front of any sane jury. We the tax payers would be stuck paying all those legal bills! To heck with that.

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