• Statists be damned

    We're closer to them culturally and economically than China to begin with. They may speak the same language as they do on the mainland but they value tradition, Family values & ancient Chinese culture that will get your organs harvested in the mainland. When I say we're closer culturally I mean they value most of the same freedoms we do, And when I say economically I mean they have a free market, Just like us. Though waving different flags and eating rice instead of hamburgers, We are much more compatible with them than a cold, Lifeless, Culture-less machine like modern day China.

  • Absolutely we should!

    Democracy is always better than communism. The Taiwanese have proven their mettle on the world stage, And we should never have kow-towed to the PRC demands the way we did in the 70's and 80's. Perhaps with Trump, This will finally happen. But who knows. . . . I do know China can't afford a shooting match with US

  • We should support liberal democracy against totalitarian states

    The current government in Beijing does not rule by popular mandate. Taiwan’s government has transitioned to liberal democracy. An independent Taiwan will help to maintain the balance of power in East Asia against other rising powers, including China.

    I don’t know that it’s the best idea to explicitly recognize an independent Taiwan, since it will mean war. However, the US should do everything up to supporting independence and help Taiwan be a muscular force for self-determination.

  • Pragmatic Reality and Democratic Legitimacy

    Taiwan is practically independent now; Beijing has no authority of any kind there.

    And if its people want nothing to do with China politically, that should be their choice, and nobody else's. They've been separate since 1895, at least; they should get to decide.

    And the world should respect and defend whatever decision the people of Taiwan make.

  • Yes the US should

    Because of the Nationalist Chinese Japan did not have the capacity to do further damages towards US or USSR, and because of them the Chinese had a seat in the United Nation security council. During the conflict 14 million Chinese died, roughly 4 million chinese soldiers with 3% of the death are Communist Chinese. I think in order to appreciate the sacrifice made by the nationalist Chinese we should allow what's left of them to be recognised, it is not because to purposely annoy the current Chinese government but because it is the right thing to do.

  • Not supporting independent Taiwan is hypocrisy, pathological political correctness.

    It is a sign of a total hypocrisy to not support the independence of Taiwan. It is a highly developed country, with well developed science, democracy, and respects the human rights. This country has its own way and it has nothing to do with China anymore. People of Taiwan and not anymore mainlanders. Their mentality has changed a lot. They cannot and could never be a part of China. Mostly because they love their children and want for them better life.

  • Top 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is Independent

    Top 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is Independent
    Top 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is IndependentTop 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is Independent
    Top 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is IndependentTop 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is IndependentTop 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is IndependentTop 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is IndependentTop 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is IndependentTop 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is IndependentTop 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is IndependentTop 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is IndependentTop 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is Independent

  • Yes yes yes

    Because they are a place just like the US and if they want independence, then they should be able to have independence. If their economy crashes, then they brought it upon themselves because they thought that they could have a nice, sturdy economy. They are advanced tecniolligacally and econamally. Let Taiwan be independent and we should support them no matter what.

  • This is the Chinese government that we fought alongside

    This was the original Chinese government. This is the one who was part of the permanent G5 members. His is the government who was our ally and still could be. This is a country of freedom. This is a country where the People's Republic of China cannot be found. Taiwan is our friend, not China.

  • They were the China who were part of the G5

    Taiwan was the original Chinese government. That was the government who we created the United Natioons with and the nation that is free. We should support freedom for the government who was and still could be our ally. The People's Republic of China does not have any presence in Taiwan. So why should they own it?

  • It'd be nice to support independent Taiwan, But it's more complicated than that.

    The US has a huge trade imbalance with CCP china and having just the US support an independent Taiwan won't be enough to support liberal democracy as a whole and to curb CCP's power.

    I believe that it would be optimal if a large majority of China's trade partners recognize an independent Taiwan to 1 curb the influence CCP backed political parties within Taiwan, And to prevent CCP's economy from dominating the world with their ideals of Authoritarian Capitalism.

  • The U.S. should not support an independent Taiwan

    Taiwan is not strong enough to be independent. They are being protected by China and it is going to cause more conflict if the US helps Taiwan to fight for independent. We don't want another war, not with China. So it is better to stay away from this issue and let them figure it out.

  • This is China's domestic issue.

    Until now, most countries in the world still do not recognize Taiwan as an independent country, including U.S. In fact, if Taiwan is a country already, why should we talk about "being independent" here now? Thus, this is totally a domestic issue. In other words, it is NONE of any other country's business. The U.S should not even think about interfering with China's domestic affairs.

    As for people's will, I agree there should be a vote. However, the voters should have both people in Taiwan and people from the mainland. Because the independence of a part of the country affects EACH AND EVERY CHINESE.

  • Violates One China Policy + Disastrous Impacts

    As China is ranked 3rd in the world's top military, and top Chinese officials have repeatedly stated that an independent Taiwan would lead to violence, I see no reason why the US should support an independent Taiwan. This would lead to conflict that ultimately ends in deaths in the millions.
    2, The U.S., if not the world, is dependent of Chinese economy. Would angering China really benefit us? If so, how does another democratic country outweigh economic disaster?
    In addition, the U.S. DOS has already stated that the US doesn't support an independent Taiwan.

    With that, I can only see a negative vote on this topic.

  • The U.S. should not support an independent Taiwan.

    The United States should not support an independent Taiwan because this would cause tensions with Beijing. The fate of Taiwan should be the decision of the Taiwanese people. They are connected to the mainland through history, language, and culture. The United States should not get involved in the internal affairs of China.

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