Should the U.S. support Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Asked by: Prachiee
  • As an ally of Israel, the U.S. is obligated to support Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    The United States and Israel have a very complex relationship. Most importantly, they are allies. Allies support one another in times of conflict, whether or not they completely agree on policy. Thus, supporting Israel as its ally in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not equate to a complete agreement on Israeli policy regarding Palestine.

  • Yes we should.

    I think that the United States should support Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because we are their ally. However, we should also help both sides to find a peaceful solution to their conflict. Israel supports us and we should do the same thing back. It does not mean that we have to agree with them but we should support them.

  • Mind your own business America

    Americans love to poke their heads in other peoples businesses. Like please stop poking your heads. America supports Israel only because of Israelites wealth. The Jews have so much wealth and they actually have so much power in them that they are one of the super powers secretly. Americans want to be allies with Israel only because of their wealth.

  • No, pull out from Israel.

    Since the Monroe Doctrine, the U.S. has sworn to stay out of foreign affairs and even President Washington has said it himself to not make any permanent foreign alliances. Since then, the U.S. has fiddled with every other country's problems. Especially the alliance with Israel's unjust leader Netenyahu, who has committed war crimes that have been ignored by the U.S.

    Posted by: Cai5

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