Should the U. S. Supreme Court ban the practice of opening atheist meetings with prayer?

Asked by: bigdave
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  • As long as its optional

    Prayer has never been banned nor should it ever. FORCING PRAYER is what should be banned. As long, as its not mandatory there shouldn't be a ban. Prayer= No one cares. Forcing Prayer = Bad. Its a slippery slope fallacy for people to assume that banning forced prayer in schools is the same as fulling banning prayer in schools. You can still pray in schools, TEACHERS can't force it though but its still accepted.

  • Does anyone actually READ these?

    Atheists don't have meetings in general, kids, and atheists don't pray. No one is opening an atheist meeting with a prayer.

    READING COMPREHENSION. Let's all try that today, boys and girls. We can start by paying attention to what we read instead of just jumping in when we look at the picture.

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