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  • Makes more sense all around

    A mandatory switch to the metric system should be implemented as soon as possible. The cost is a one time cost and over time the rewards would yield larger and larger benefits in the form of international trade efficiency. That said, there will be much public opposition from "traditionalists" who feel that the Imperial system is "'Merican!", but what they don't realize is that it is actually a BRITISH system and even the BRITISH themselves smartened up and switched to a primarily decimal based system...

  • The Imperial system is archaic and arbitrary

    The union can not run on an outdated and abandoned system, it costs us billions a year keeping the system (a price that outweighs any argument for the cost to switch). The system damages trade, education, and hinders us in the world playing field; the competition is up and the Imperial system does not stand up to standards.

  • The U.S. is almost there, we just have to commit

    • The United States is metric, or at least more metric than most of us realize. American manufacturers have put out all-metric cars, medicine uses the metric, and in sports like swimming, you may swim the 100 meter freestyle. The metric system is, quietly behind the scenes, which is now the standard in most industries. Its use in public life is also on the uptick, as anyone who has run a “5K” can tell you. The US is almost there, we just have to fully commit.

  • The world runs on the metric system

    The world runs on the metric system, and many companies in the US do to. There is just no reason to keep our unique system of measure. Instead we should adopt the metric system to make it easier to understand. Science uses the metric system. The metric system is simpler in general. The metric system is based on units of ten always. As opposed to 3 teaspoons to a tablespoon, 16 tablespoons to a cup. Conversions are difficult based on this alone. The US should convert to the metric system.

  • I don't care what the rest of the world is doing.

    The United States should not switch to the metric system although it should also be taught in schools. Although it is considered easier to use, it is not what most people in the United States know how to use. It is inconvenient to relearn a new system when the one we are using works perfectly well. It would also be a large expense to change all of our current standard measurement signs.

  • We should stay with it

    If we go with the metric system every one will get confused and it will take years of learning to get everyone back on track and right now the United States of America does not need it right now because we are already in trouble with terrorist with making deals with them.

  • Need more money

    If the us changes to the metric system more money will be needed. You have to change cars signs schools states citys and other. But why should we even theres to much items that you need to change then you will watse material it is very absurd to change. That is my awnswer.

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