• Yes! Why not?

    So, imagine that you are in London, England on a trip. It’s remarkable you have seen the Buckingham palace and Big Ben. So you are driving in your rental car to the next big landmark. Then you hear a siren, the “bobby’s” are chasing you! But, why? You are two mile under the speed limit? It must be a mistake but you pull over either way. The you know what they say in that British accent of theirs “excuse me, do you realize you were speeding”. So there you are in a different country and now you have a speeding ticket. This all because of the United States and there crazy customary system of measurement, Britain has even switched to metric and they were the place the customary system was devised! The united states should switch to the metric system because, we already use it, It is easier to learn and understand and , it reduces confusion with other countries.
    The metric system is the language of science and medicine. SO, in the US we already use it for those things yet we cling onto the use of our customary system. If you aspire to become a doctor, pharmacist or any kind of scientist you must know how to use metric. In schools we have been learning the metric system since approximate 1924. Also if the we want to export any products that have measurement we have to make it into metric since it is is the official measurement system for almost all countries in the world.

  • USA should embrace a standard system used by the whole planet

    The US use an ancient, decrepit, complicated and nonsensical system. The whole web economy is quasi-entirely based on US' companies, which are forced to use both systems. Every other person on the planet, 7.2 billions and counting, is forced to use an obscure system only because a single nations insists on sticking to it.

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  • America should switch to the Metric System.

    Ninety-five percent of the world uses the metric system. It is used fully in the world of science and medicine now, (when conversions happen, mistakes happen, which include: losing a mars rover and causing several mistakes in pharmacys). The Metric System is designed to be easier to learn and use.

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  • Metric system rocks

    First, the metric system is much more logical than the English system. Second, it’s the system 95 percent of the world uses. Third, it was designed to be easy to learn and use. The U.S should switch to the metric system. The metric system is the language of science, the language of medicine and the language of international commerce. Many hobbies and sports also use the metric system. It’s also easier to make conversions.

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  • The US Needs to Switch

    1) It’s the system 95 percent of the world uses
    (It’s not standard in the U.S., Burma, and Liberia)
    2) It’s easier to make conversions
    (You just move the decimal point right and left)
    3) Teaching two measurement systems to children is confusing
    4) It’s the language of science
    5) It’s the language of medicine
    6) Human conversion errors are inevitable
    (We lost a Mars orbiter that way and pharmacy mistakes are common)
    7) It’s the language of international commerce
    8) Many hobbies and sports use the metric system
    9) Its use is necessary for travel outside of the United States
    10) So we look less foolish and ignorant to the rest of the world

    And a few more for good “measure..”

    11) Less clutter since you don’t need liquid and dry measuring cups and teaspoons and tablespoons
    (Just a scale and liquid measuring cups)
    12) It’s much easier to conceptualize 1 gram verses 1/28th of an ounce or 1 milliliter verses 1/29 of a liquid ounce (rounded measures)
    13) There are fewer measures to learn. Most people will use meters, liters, and grams verses more than 10 for liquid and dry measures alone
    14) It was designed to be easy to learn and use
    (In 1790s Europe the literacy rate was around 60 percent)

  • We SHOULD Use The Metric System

    Think About all the accidents caused because we did not use the metric system and since most of the world is using it there would be less accidents and less deaths caused or money loss. So my finale answer is yes we should go metric. Also some people won't have to use the metric system.

  • Metric system = danger to defence of USA

    By keeping our current system we are in fact keeping a defence mechanism active. Say we are invaded by China or the British (again), if we had the metric system, forces from the metric countries would have a relatively easy time procuring supplies for their push inland. 1 Litre = 1 Litre etc. On the other hand if we keep our current system, the logistics nightmare that will plague the enemy will work to our benefit, thus giving us more time to form a counterattack and drive them from the land our forefathers fought for.

    The saying: If it ain't broke, don't fix it would aptly describe this situation. Lastly it has been well documented that our current system works far easier with fractions than the flawed and unwieldy metric nightmare system.

  • Would Cause Mass Confusion

    No, the U.S. should not switch to the metric system. It would not only be extremely confusing to make a change to the metric system now, it would also be extremely expensive. Not only would we have to develop training plans for all school grades, but the general public would also have to be taught. Changes would have to be made throughout manufacturing and building trades, speed limit and road limit signs would all have to be changed. This would be a huge undertaking and would cause mass confusion for some years.

  • The USA should not have the metric system.

    It's a cultural issue! Why should we change something we've done for hundreds of years just because the rest of the world is doing it? We're the dominant country in the world and we shouldn't be listening to anyone's opinions other than Israel! That's just one of thousands of reasons we can't have the metric system.

  • Why we shouldn't have the metric system

    We shouldn't change because, we are already in trillions dollars of debt and it would just be a big mass confusion, kids these days are already confused on the English coustumary system if we switched there would be failing grades job failures and just so much hard stuff to realize

  • Changing all the road signs would be too confusing and too expensive

    Changing all the road signs would cost tons of money to buy ,and lots of money to have people come and replace every sign. The U.S. Also does not really have the money to replace all of the signs. Despite the cost to buy and replace every sign it would also take a while for all of the signs to be replaced. If you were driving down the road in an area where the signs were currently being replaced then you might be driving down the road where the speed limit was 50 miles per hour and suddenly all the signs say 80 kilometers per hour you might have to do quick conversions that can be difficult to remember. You could also be driving along and forget they switched the signs and be going 30 mph in a 30 kilometers per hour area.

  • USA is supposed to be different

    The USA is already far in debt and we can not go even further to change to the metric system. We are also accustomed to using the English system and some adults wouldn't be able to afford going back to learning a new system. We should be able to say that we are different and be independent.

  • There is NO BENEFIT

    There is but two reasons to switch to the metric system an they both are bad arguments.
    It makes conversion easier- Sure it does, but how often do you need to convert? Outside of Science class, never.

    Everybody else is doing it- England, Canada and half of Central America are but a few 'metric nations' that barely use it. And how often are you talking to your french buddies and get lost by their freaky units? Never. If you find yourself in Germany, just remember a meter is a yard and a kilogram is two pounds. It isn't exact but it doesn't have to be. You aren't building an airplane, you're asking how far you have to walk.

  • It's a step backwards

    The main argument why the U.S. SHOULD switch to the metric system is because it's better, but we are not debating on which system is better. By switching to the metric system, the US would have to spend millions of dollars. I really don't think that is necessary because the Customary system works fine!

  • We should stay!

    If the US changed to the metric system imagine all of the people who would have to learn everything over again. We could, but then hundreds of American kids would be unhappy. The children would get lower grades because they wrote the answer in standard measurement instead of metric. Would you do that to America?

  • Why switch to metric?

    I don't think America should switch to the metric system. Its just an opinion, so you don't have to agree. But I don't get why people think we should. I mean, yeah, we're like the only country that doesn't use the metric system but that's not a bad thing. If other countries have a problem with it, I simply don't care. Its our country and we can live as we please.

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