Should the U.S. take action on China's cyberattacks?

  • Yes, we should take action on China's cyberattacks.

    These cyberattacks on the part of China can't really be tolerated, shouldn't be tolerated from any country that wants to have international ties with our country. We can't be seriously expected to do nothing about it, and yet it is up to China to investigate it and stop it. I would think that China would understand that most modern countries do not respect a two-faced approach to international relationships.

  • Yes

    Yes I think that if China is launching cyber attacks on the United states then action should be taken. If a single person or another country were to launch a cyber attack, they would be punished, so China should be too. I do not know all the details of this cyber attack, but I'm sure they posed a threat.

  • Yes, the U.S. should take action on China's cyberattacks.

    China has launched cyberattacks against the U.S. The U.S. has a history of strong responses to any attacks. Therefore, a cyberattack from China should not be treated any differently. I view the cyberattacks as a test to see if the U.S can be bullied on a level outside the military field, as well as a check of our cyber defenses. The U.S. loves to have allies, but you cannot put too much trust in former enemies - you have to keep a jaded eye on them.

  • China should be allowed to do anything it wants? C'mon people, WAKE UP!!

    While our own "illustrious" Bill Clinton allowed the entire contents of the U.S. Patent office, supposedly the "expired" portions, to be accessible online I don't think this was done with the agreement of the populace. I don't think, really, he had the agreement of ANYONE who understood what was being done.

    China has LONG taken what they want from others, copying it without permission and making use of ideas and technologies not their own.
    Here in the U.S. We quibble about the "copyright rights" of video games, music, DVD movies and so forth. This has been FRONT PAGE NEWS for several years now. None of THOSE things have a global impact yet NOTHING is done, with the exception of a few words about the THEFT of entire systems by another country, behaviors that DEFINITELY have a global impact.

    So help me this "great" country has lost its backbone. Spineless and jellylike we just roll over as our corrupt body politic zeros in on its own population demanding more and more tax dollars to misuse and ignores the threat to the solidarity of this Nation with regard to our borders in a real or 'cyber' sense.
    This business as a whole should be on EVERYONE'S mind yet along we trudge with our blinders on.
    I hate being part of this "ship of fools"!!!!

  • Cyberattacks are the popular world actions which can be found everywhere on the web.

    Yes. China cyber-attacks our computers. We also cyber-attack his computer and get any information we need. If China cut off the connection of webs, heavy losses fall on the world. Internet nowadays influences everywhere in China and the world. China now is changing towards democracy and people there are looking forward to the real democratic election.

  • No, We Should Not

    While I would love for the United States of America to punish China for its cyber attacks, we need to remember that the Chinese hold a ton of American treasury bonds and control a very large chunk of our national debt. If we anger them too much, they could dump these bonds on the open market and crash our currency.

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