• As a vet

    The VA has cut cut cut on everything on the veterans since 9/11 no more mileage counseling therapy health services a long wait for surgical procedures the prices at the bx exchange are as expensive or more then you’re local market and the chow hall you might as well go out to eat no more pick up if injured with surgery only if wheelchair bound and now you have to get a lawyer to fight for your benefits at 20% this is for soldiers who gave up their lives to fight for the rights of the people of US

  • Yes we should

    The system has improved over the years, but their is still work to be done. Veterans have put their own lives at risk and they spent time away from their friends and family. They did this all so we don't have to. They deserve a lot more respect then the U.S gives them. They should be able to do the things they want because they spent their time fighting for our country. But instead most are homeless or not given the best life. They live this way because they fought for us. Don't you think that's a little dumb? I believe we need to care and have some respect for our veterans, because they've earned it.

  • The U.S. should take better care of its veterans.

    The U.S. should take better care of its veterans. They have served our country and have put their lives on the line for us. They have agreed to be separated from their families and friends. They come home to the United States and they cannot find a job. The VA hospitals are substandard. The government has a responsibility to ensure that these veterans have jobs and mental and physical health care.

  • For those that left some of themselves on the battlefield....

    The current treatment of veterans has improved over the last twenty years. However, the system is still riddled with inadequacies. Only recently have veteran hospitals been upgraded to hospitable conditions. The disability claims system is still extremely broken. The VA backlog is inexcusable. The recent allegations of the VA deleting files just to make themselves look better is deplorable. These things still need to be addressed.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe the United States should take better care of its veterans. I believe the current system is improved from the past, but I feel like they still have a lot of work to do. My father is a vet and he is currently in the hospital but can't be transferred to the vet hospital where he should be because it's full.

  • Yes, it should.

    It is an absolute disgrace to the United States that there are so many poor or homeless or mentally ill veterans who aren't getting the necessary help that they deserve. We are the world's most powerful country, and the way our veterans are treated is just beyond repulsive. I am a veteran.

  • They already have the best.

    No, the U.S. should not take better care of its veterans, because veterans already receive a lot. Veterans already receive health care for life. They receive treatment when they have problems. If they have nowhere else to go, they can live in the veterans home. We already through enough money at veterans.

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