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  • The US Military should not take action against Iran.

    Iran is not really an American problem. They pose a threat to the Syrian rebels and to Israel. Israel may be our ally, but how far are we willing to go for them? Nuclear war? If Iran gets a nuclear bomb, their first target will not be the US. That guarantees Iran's destruction. The lesser offense that may allow survival is bombing Israel. It's for this reason that America should not bother with military action against Iran. The world will not back the US when invading Iran does not serve any purpose other than backing up Israel.

  • No, they should take action

    I think we have so many issues at home,taking action in places we need to stay out of, is not in the cards. I think it should be known we don't approve,but let us handle our billion issues,before we handle one that doesn't mean much to us. The less spending the better.

  • The U.S. should not take military action against Iran.

    The U.S. should not take military action against Iran.It's obvious that the U.S. has been involved too much in the Irani area in a way they really should not have been.Regions should be left alone to solve their own problems no matter what the outcome might be in the end.

  • Another conflict in the Middle East would be a disaster

    Based on the results of our last two military interventions in the Middle East, I don't think getting involved in Iran would be beneficial. It would be very expensive, lengthy, would cost a great deal of human lives, and would result in even more anti-Americanism in the region. And after the war, we would end up with an even lengthier occupation. Overall, it would be a bad idea.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the United States should take military action against Iran. I believe military action against Iran at this point would be absolutely uncalled for and it would easily start a war between the two countries. Iran is open to talks and investigation, attacking them unprovoked would be unjustifiable.

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