• I think it's beneficial.

    I think it could help the U.S a lot if we weaned ourselves off oil. If we weren't so dependent on oil, we could have less war/violence in other countries. It would save us money. We wouldn't have to pay for war, or gas. I don't think we should go the natural gas route, I'd prefer doing things more "green", that way we all benefit greatly. We have to keep in mind that we need to leave behind a great place to live for our kids and grand-kids. No war and less global warming.

  • YES we need to reduce our dependence on oil!

    There are so many reasons that we should reduce our dependence on oil. One it will help the environment if we start developing environmentally friendly alternatives faster and cheaper. Two we can start to reduce our imports and stop giving our money away to other countries and help our economy. Also new jobs will be created her in the U.S. developing and producing the products. Again helping the economy. Another thing is there will still be some people, cars, machinery etc... that need to use oil/gas, but greatly reducing the number will lower demand and reduce costs for those that don't have an alternative. There are so many more great reasons to do so, but those are a few.

  • The U.S. should not depend on oil for its energy source.

    There are many other options but the one I would go with is solar energy. The sun is always in the sky warming us and providing energy to us. We already know how to harness this energy so why not use it to power everything on earth? Homes already use solar power and although it would cost some money for conversion in the long run solar energy is worth it.

  • The U.S. should continue to use oil.

    No, the U.S. should not wean itself off of oil, at least not yet. Oil is so widely used as a product because it's extremely versatile and when used as a fuel it's energy content is unrivaled compared to similarly priced fuels. Oil is becoming more scarce, and as a result its price is increasing. If we cannot keep finding cheap sources of oil, then we will slowly move onto using other products. But until those goods become cost effective, using oil is still the way to go.

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