• Guns don't kill people.

    The only way a gun is able to kill someone is if the operator uses it for that intention. Not all gun owners use their guns to kill other people. The only reason a responsible gun owner would have a reason to shoot another person is in the case of an active armed crime. Think about it: If you were to be in a place where an armed crime was taking place and someone who was carrying a concealed weapon on them stopped the crime from progressing, would you be complaining that they saved your life by using a gun, or would you be thankful to get out of there on your own feet, and not on a stretcher, going to the city morgue with gun shot wounds?

  • Freedom. For. America.

    We should be allowed the right to bear arms. The government should't be able to control everything. And the right to bear arms isn't something they should control, unless convicted of a crime, or another reason. But they shouldn't be able to control the rights of everyone. Freedom. For. America.

  • Too many deaths

    I will never own a gun. Why? Because they are only meant to kill. Does one really need that luxury? To end someone's life at the flick of a finger? Maybe in the 1700s, but not in the present. We live in an established society where not everyone needs a gun. Why kill? Pepper spray is just as effective. I am scared for my life because of guns, and if America continues to support the second amendment, there will just be more and more deaths. Times have changed. The 2nd amendment should be appealed.

  • Too many people being hurt

    Think about all of the school shootings. They should have metal detectors at the front doors of every school that way they would be told if a person has any metal objects and if it's a gun they will be taken care of by the proper authority.Look at the news and see how many people get killed by a gun. It should make you think on why guns are so dangerous.

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