• Yes, the U.S. should use drone missiles

    The U.S. should use drone missiles because it is a very safe way to attack targets without any US casualties. It is very rational and proper to use high technological weapons to achieve missions that are dangerous. The US has done a good job so far in using the missiles to protect the nation.

  • Sure it's better than having our people shot down

    I think the United States has done a good job using drones under the Obama administration, we may have lost one or two over that time but we have been able to gather so much information it was worth it.

    I will take losing a drone over losing an American solider's life any day of the week and I'm glad we are able to get the intelligence we need without risking as many lives.

  • Yes, the Us should use drone missiles

    Drone missiles have their place in war, provided they are used properly. If we have the ability to strike an enemy target with complete accuracy and not risk more expensive equipment and the lives of our pilots, then we should take that advantage every time. I do fear that we are overusing this option which can result in innocents being killed, but in general I am for the process.

  • Drone Missiles Accomplish Missions and Save Lives

    By using drone missiles, the United States has accomplished many strategic military goals without putting troops in harm's way. Drones can be used in harsh terrains and in areas that would be difficult and dangerous for live troops to patrol. While some may denounce the use of drones because of potential civilian casualties, civilian deaths unfortunately also happen during military actions involving actual soldiers. The use of drone missiles saves American lives while producing military gains.

  • Innocent Deaths

    According to the Time magazine, in Pakistan alone, civilian deaths reach into the hundreds. Also, some of the attacks are based on suspicion of terrorism, without necessarily having solid evidence that that the targeted is guilty, which leads to even more innocent death. Though it does kill many terrorists that are rightly enemies, the cost is too high to justify it.

  • Drone tecnology

    I think its safe and precise given the obvious ability to timely compete complex and dangerous missions with minimal civillian casualities. There however issues on appropriate use one needs to be sure as to whether in some cases sumarilly executions have not been carried out apprehensios a posibility and the right to privacy.There are also fears on likiness of abuse of the tech by terrorist states. However drones are here to say to halt now will give the enemy a gross and deadly advantange.Dont be emotiomal, be realistic what is privacy against the lives your sons and daughters falling in the desert or to the gravity of harm a terrorist at large can do.Concern your selves therefore with human right issues and the possility of trial and proof of proof of involvement as in allow evry suspect legal representation before a capture or kill dce

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