• Yes

    If we are going to go to war in Pakistan than we need to use the technology that we have at hand. I think that the drones put less American lives at risk and that makes them a good option. We need to just make sure that the information is good when we fire.

  • No. This is how we get a bad reputation.

    We have already made a number of mistakes and killed lots of innocent civilians. The US keeps undertaking these assassinations with drone strikes, and our hubris about it is what helps fuel anti-American sentiment and fire up the terrorists we are supposedly trying to eradicate. We should not even be in Pakistan in the first place.

  • No. In the Long Run, Drone Warfare Hurts More than it Helps

    Drone warfare is one of those tempting, too perfect solutions. It seems to deliver maximum result for almost zero risk. Also, compared to other forms of warfare, it probably minimizes civilian casualties. However, the real goal in Pakistan is not just to kill some Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders, it is to change bring peace. Drone warfare, to the local population, seems particularly uncaring and arrogant. Killing from afar, without risk, is a morally questionable act, and it makes every civilian death more appalling than it would be otherwise. The net effect of drone warfare is profoundly negative.

  • Osama bin Laden is Dead

    The United States has no business being in Pakistan or Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden is dead and the organization behind the 9/11 attacks is in shambles. The United States should use drones to patrol the border with Mexico instead of patrolling some far away country that doesn't deserve our time, energy and tax dollars.

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