Should the U.S. use military action to take out long-range missile launch sites in North Korea?

  • Yes, the United States should take military action against long-range missle launch sites in North Korea.

    The North Korean government has a history of aggression against South Korea, an ally of the United States, and the United States itself. If North Korea was to construct long-range missile launch sites, they would pose a threat to not only South Korea, but the United States as well. The North Korean government should not have access to long range misses, or WMD's.

  • It's time for the US to take out these missiles before North Korea launches them.

    There is a point of no return with countries like North Korea and Iran. Once they have developed long range nuclear missiles that can reach the United States, it is too late. Do it now or forever deal with the consequences. Think about our children, our future. North Korea's missiles should never leave the launch pad.

  • Can't do it

    We should still send in the charming comedic ensemble of Seth Rosen and Johnny James Osborne franco to perform for the troops on the democratic republic peoples elbow champion shakedown of Korea. Can you smell what the crock is ruok ing? I didn't thank so. That it all thank you

  • Risks too great at the moment

    The risk of the long range missile sites would probably not be as great as the risk of taking direct military action against them. Those risks could take any of a number of forms including military intervention from North Korea against, not just the US but likely South Korea. This would not be worth taking on because of the potential risks and retaliations by North Korea.

  • Not now

    North Korea has a history of failure and pretty outright insane decisions, but for the first time in a while they have a leader that has at the very least implied he doesn't want to follow that legacy. While they tell their people they are glorious nation number one and nothing else, they're not dumb enough to actually attack anybody with missiles. They know they would be a smoking crater ten minutes later, mutually assured destruction will keep them at bay if nothing else will.

  • Why do we have to take part in every war?

    Does the US seriously feel the need to take part in every conflict that involves war? I feel that if the United States of America would back out and just let other countries work through their own local conflicts without feeling the urge to take part in every one that pops up, we may have a little more respect and trust globally.

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Anonymous says2013-04-04T18:34:27.917
This website sucks and the ressons of why they should are not right and neither are the ressons for them not to do it our country is at risk and we need to protect it.