• Time for a change

    We are a relatively more enlightened and intelligent people operating in a functional society these days. This is the perfect opportunity for us to do away with such frivoloties as the monarchy, who thank god have practically no political say, but still maintain an air of status and prestige that they have not earned or deserve.

  • Yes, it is anachronistic.

    I think it is becoming increasing hard to defend the idea that someone should be given such a huge position of massive power, wealth and privilege based purely on the fact that they were born into a particular family. People should gain wealth and prestige based on their own efforts, not on the fact that their family is somehow deemed better than anyone else.

  • The Royal Family should go

    The United Kingdom should abolish the royal family because it is not fair for the hard working tax payers of the country have to support the luxurious lifestyle of the royal family. If the royal family wants to live in a castle and have servants then they should pay for it.

  • UK should not abolish the royal family

    There are many different cultures that still hold onto images and figures from their past and this is one that I think the UK should hold onto. The royal family is a symbol of a time in which the United Kingdom was the mightiest in the land. I understand people who think that the money given to the royal family should be given to the poor, but the truth is that the royal family has made sure to include charity and civic service to their duties. This alone will not fix their problems, but with prominent figures being charitable it helps communities want to do the same.

  • No, the UK should not get rid of the royal family.

    The royal family in the UK is not too much more than a figurehead, with very little actual power (although I am told the monarch has the final say on the subject of war). At this point, having a Queen or King and a royal family only gives the nation a sense of history and loyality with no real drawbacks. There is no reason to abolish the royal family.

  • Tradition, Tourism, Stability.

    For hundreds of years the royal family has been a continuous attraction drawing millions of ex- Pat's and people's from the old colonies back to the the UK. With the stupid politicians we have at present, At least someone has a long term view of how we should behave, And be seen in the world community.

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