Should the UK build a third runway at Heathrow in order to stay a hub airport?

  • I say yes

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  • They need more room.

    Anyone who has ever flown through Heathrow will tell you that it is congested. London is one of the great cities in the world, and millions of people travel through that airport. But the airport is so small and congested that it does not make for comfortable travel. They could add a runway to allow for more flights, which would also lower prices.

  • The UK should build a third runway at Heathrow in order to stay a hub airport.

    The UK should build a third runway at Heathrow in order to stay a hub airport. This is very important to their economy to lack doing this. They need to remain a hub and generate the income from the additional flights. The airport right now is way too busy and crowded and could use another runway and remain a hub for international flights.

  • London is a Huge City

    Heathrow in London should add a third runway in order to stay competitive in today's transportation market. London is already a financial and cultural hub in Europe. As one of Europe's largest cities, expansion of Heathrow is a must if Great Britain wants to keep competing in the global economy. As an island, Britain needs is air traffic in order to maintain transportation needs of its businesses.

  • Don't let the posh NIMBY's of West London damage our economy.

    Our economy relies on Heathrow being an international hub. At present it is running at peak capacity and our economy is suffering because of lack of flights from China, Brazil, India and other key markets.

    There is no viable alternative. The Dutch, French and Germans have Amsterdam's Schipol, Paris' Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt International operating as very important hubs and they would be delighted if wealthy and influential people in upmarket district of West London were to block Heathrow’s expansion.

  • Third Runway at Heathrow is Recommended

    Without a doubt, the United Kingdom should build a third runway at Heathrow Airport in order to remain a hub airport. Hub airports attract the most incoming and outgoing flights, which means they earn a lot of money from this air traffic. Heathrow needs to remain a hub airport for that reason.

  • Yes, Heathrow is crowded.

    Yes, the UK should build a third runway at Heathrow in order to stay a hub airport, because it is already a very crowded airport that has a hard time dealing with all the traffic it has. Heathrow is often cramped. It, along with the other major London airport, are critical to the economies of England and even the rest of the world. Heathrow has long needed an update to modernize its procedures.

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