• Benefits makes people more lazier.

    Having benefits makes people lazy as you have another option instead of working and earning money. Benefits paid to people under the age of 25 could be cut in an effort to reduce long-term workload's. A few facts about under 25s.
    1) 1.09 million people under the age of 25 are not in education, training or employment
    2) 410,000 are claiming Job seeker's Allowance, at a cost of about £1.2bn a year
    3) 380,000 under-25s receive housing benefit, costing £1.8bn which could rather be given in a charity.

  • Cutting benefits for the under-25s would essentially make it impossible for anyone under 25 to survive on their own.

    If the UK cuts benefits for the under-25s, then it would be essentially relegating them to a life as minors until the age of 25 even though they are no longer minors. Those under-25s who are productive citizens deserve the same benefits as those who are older. To deny those benefits is tantamount to age discrimination.

  • UK Should Not Cut Benefits

    Some people believe that cutting benefits for young employees is a good way to save the company money because this demographic tends to not need the benefits as older workers. However, this theory is wrong. Young workers should still have access to the same benefits as older works so that they can save for retirement, receive disability pay, and many other benefits that they may require.

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