• Income equality is unacceptable

    Income equality in any country is unacceptable and the UK should take immediate steps to distribute its wealth more equally amongst its population. It isn't fair when one section of the population has more money and another does not, especially if all the people work equally hard to earn their living.

  • Income Inequality is an Important Issue

    Income inequality should always be an issue. It's an instance of the richer get rich and the poor become poorer. If the gap between the richest and even the middle class is so great, how can people get ahead? There has to be some kind of equality, or even reduce the gap so middle and lower class people can get ahead.

  • The UK should address income inequality

    The UK government should do more to address income inequality. The country has one of the highest levels of income inequality in the developed world. This creates social problems, and a feeling of hopelessness. This does not benefit the overall economy, although a very few reap the short term rewards.

  • The UK does not need to address income equality

    The UK does not need to do more to address income equality. Income equality exist for many reasons, and too many people blame others for their own failure to achieve. The sad reality is that when government gets involved, the situation often tends to get worse. Leave this one alone.

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