Should the UK fully commit in investing for a low carbon economy?

Asked by: BhanushaC
  • More Efficient Economy.

    Resources are going to run out sooner or later no matter how much of the resources we still have left; whether it's our own or a third party's. We live at a time where new sources are constantly being introduced e.G. Electric cars etc, so introducing a new way of living e.G. With solar paneled roof etc, is not going to be something that the UK public will majorly complain about since we're used to adapting to new styles of living. At the end, it's all for the best, The best for ourselves and the best for our children for when they start dominating earth. [Haven't expanded on the types of low carbon methods because I'm new to the topic hence I want to hear other's opinions]

  • Better sooner, rather than later.

    Like it or not, man causes global warming, and the planet's resources are diminishing at an alarming rate. If we wait for the market to respond, the economy will be paralysed. Solar, wind, hydro and possible nuclear are the only viable options for the future. In the words of Malcolm X, the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

  • Low carbon economy

    You have to understand that any renewable sources like windmills and solar panels will not even be able to provide enough energy for the whole UK, as well as the return on investment of these sources not being guaranteed, or taking a lot of time to make any sources efficient

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