• Yes, they should

    There really is no reason to argue that the Parliament in the United Kingdom should not be subjected to some form of term limits. Term limits allow for fresh blood to enter the political realm, and that is what is needed across the globe to change things from the status quo.

  • Yes, UK should have fixed-term parliaments.

    There is a very good reason for having term limits for politicians. It is simply a matter of fact that eventually a politician will wear out their welcome. What a government needs are new and innovative ideas, and these rarely come from people who have been in power for a very long time.

  • Yes, let's put responsible back into responsible government

    Yes, let's put responsible back into responsible government. Fixed terms relieve the pressure placed on politicians to constantly campaign while in office, which in turn dilutes their attention from the job they were elected to perform---the representation of their constituents. It also encourages an evolving representative government by continually removing parliamentarians who have overstayed their welcome.

  • No, I do not believe so, the current system works.

    The United Kingdom has their ways of running their government, which has been successful for many years. If the person in Parliament is not doing his job, then that person is voted out of office. Every country has their way of democracy or dictatorship. If the person or people are not hurting or violating other people rights then we need to stay out of their business.

  • The Parliamentarian System Works Fine

    There is no need to change the United Kingdom's political system as it relates to the House of Commons, as it works fine the way it is. Constituents are represented, and those representatives are always up for reelection. If politician gets out of line, they get voted. The British public opinion can sometimes be brutal and hard. The real reform needed would be to abolish the House of Lords.

    Posted by: rpr

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