• Without a doubt!

    Why not? You can overdose from cannabis but you can easily overdose on alcohol… there has never been a death due to a overdose of cannabis ever! Think about all the money tax payers pay to provide people medical care that suffer from alcohol or from smoking… Cancer caused by smoking costs the Uk billions of pounds whereas cannabis doesn't cost anything. Think about the tax payers that suffer just because lots of people were stupid enough to ruin their lungs and liver causing millions of pounds spent on looking after them. Think for the majority not the minority. Thank you

  • Cannabis is a tool, just like any other drug,

    And cannot be blamed for how they are used. What is needed is better attitudes and education towards using drugs and showing people how to take them responsibility. What many people do not understand is that cannabis is not a single drug but rather a mixture of pharmacologically and psychologically active compounds that vary greatly in the ratios of concentration from species to species, strain to strain and even from plant to plant. Because of this what one type of weed will do is completely different from what another will do. A high CBD strain would help schizophrenics due to anti-psychotic action however a high THC would increase psychotic episodes in schizophrenics. We need to legalise and standardise so people know exactly what they are taking so we can help them without all of this hit and miss therapy.

  • Cannabis is NOT bad in and of itself

    I have Restless Leg Syndrome which is caused by problems with dopamine uptake and/or neurotransmitters in the brain. Cannabis helps with dopamine uptake and stops me wanting to commit suicide due to the long term inability to rest and sleep and resultant depression that ensues. As for the issues around its overuse, like any drug, including coffee and alcohol it has negative side effects but where adults are concerned I think we should treat people as adults, give them the relevant ACCURATE information and allow them to decide. Before cannabis was made illegal (due to pressure from the US government for other issues, which despite the rhetoric were NOT for moral or health reasons) the British government was very pro cannabis because it got a lot of its revenue from the sale of Cannabis. Socially speaking the whole argument that "drugs are bad" is a very recently constructed one, stemming from the 60's and the overuse by certain social groups of hallucinogens. I recommend people research the facts before they jump on the band wagon of absolutism that all drugs are bad. To date I have known many people have to take days off because of migraines due to drinking excess coffee and known countless people take days off due to being hung over yet we still allow both. In a variety of countries who have adopted a more enlightened attitude to drugs and have legalised it there has been a far greater success in reaching out to people who are long term over-users or dangerous users i.e. Portugal with heroin. I could go on and provide ample proofs to support my argument - historical, medical, social but I would prefer people to research for themselves. I agree with the person who has posted above. As with the above comment most of the weed smokers I know have full time jobs, many of which are well paid, with responsibilities which they are more than capable of handling, they have families which they love and care about. They are not bums, demons or fools. I work in a very respectable role, I have never had a day off due to smoking cannabis - even too much of it. I have important responsibilities which I fulfil and I work 6 days a week. Other than my condition like the person above I lead a normal, peaceful lifestyle and I agree with their post. Legalise Cannabis! Come on UK its just ridiculous!

  • It should be legal

    I think it has great medicinal values and and is also a lot less dangerous and harmful in comparison with alcohol and cigarettes also weed makes you happy and cilled as a pose to alcohol with makes you easily angerd and can also change drastically how you act around people

  • The government has legalised tobacco and alcohol, so why not Cannabis?

    Having smoked cannabis for a while on/off i strongly belive it should be legalised here in the UK.
    People will continue to smoke it wether it's legal or not. It's safer than alcohol overall, which cost the government millions each year in policing and health conditions. The fact the government say they are opposed to legalising cannabis because of it's addictive nature....That its a 'gateway' drug that can lead on to harder substances....Really?, surely that is solely dependant on the person? If the same person tried alcohol the likely hood they would go on to 'harder' stuff would be quite high due to their addictive personality. I would rather get high than get drunk.

  • People will smoke cannabis if they want to, whether it's legal or not.

    It's a waste of time and tax payers' money to put cannabis dealers/users in prison. It should be an individual's choice if they use cannabis or not. People who are against the legalisation fail to see the benefits of it - it can help massively with stress, anxiety, depression etc. It has also been found to reduce the risk of conditions such as Parkinson's, and even certain cancers just to name a couple. It can also ease the symptoms of countless illnesses and conditions. While there is risks of things such as paranoia, people also fail to mention that this is from excessive use - I see no harm in the use of cannabis in moderation.
    The risks of smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol such as lung cancer, liver problems, massively outweigh those of cannabis, yet these are both legal. Alcohol also causes so many social problems that cannabis does not - violence, accidents and poor decision making while intoxicated just to name a couple.
    My main point is that there is just no point in it being illegal, as people still smoke it anyway. There is also the possibility that it being illegal actually encourages people to try it - teens see it as a "cool" thing to do because it's something they know they shouldn't be doing. It's just like during prohibition in USA in the 1920s, when more people actually drank when it was illegal than before prohibition was brought in.
    Also, if cannabis was legalised, that doesn't mean you HAVE to smoke it. It will be every individual's choice, so I don't see why people who don't already smoke it are against it - it's legalisation will not affect you.

  • Cannabis helps me cope with life.

    I suffer from depression and anxiety. When I get panic attacks, I feel completely stuck in the moment and I absolutely cannot do anything to change how I feel on my own. I can't breathe, I can't stop crying, I can't focus on anything else and I can't calm down. I am on medication for my mental health issues, however I am still struggling. During the last panic attack I had, I made myself a promise that I would consume cannabis to calm down. After smoking, I felt so relaxed and all the extremely dangerous thoughts in my head stopped. I was begging for the pain to stop during my panic attack and I thought of self-harming or suicide as options. Cannabis helps me cope with life.

  • Helps people medically

    It would take the trade out of the hands of criminal gangs. Its less harmful than legal drugs such as alcohol or tobacco, treats Glaucoma, prevents epilepsy, eases the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. I have a friend, he has cancer and one leg. Cannabis helps him with the pain and tobacco makes it worse.

  • Helps people medically

    It would take the trade out of the hands of criminal gangs. Its less harmful than legal drugs such as alcohol or tobacco, treats Glaucoma, prevents epilepsy, eases the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. I have a friend, he has cancer and one leg. Cannabis helps him with the pain and tobacco makes it worse.

    Posted by: adee
  • Helps people medically

    It would take the trade out of the hands of criminal gangs. Its less harmful than legal drugs such as alcohol or tobacco, treats Glaucoma, prevents epilepsy, eases the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. I have a friend, he has cancer and one leg. Cannabis helps him with the pain and tobacco makes it worse.

  • Big no no!

    These are a list of things cannabis can cause..
    -Distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch)
    -Problems with memory and learning
    -Loss of coordination
    -Trouble with thinking and problem-solving
    -Increased heart rate, reduced blood pressure
    -Impaired memory
    -Daily cough and phlegm production
    -More frequent acute chest illnesses
    -Increased risk of lung infections
    -Obstructed airways

    One study found that marijuana actually inhibited the disease-preventing actions of key immune cells.
    Also, exposure during pregnancy (which would defiantly happen if it was legalized) can harm the child's neurological development, for example -
    -Altered responses to visual stimuli
    -Increased tremulousness
    -Problems with sustained attention and memory
    -Poor problem-solving skills

    It has also been proven that it is the first drug people take before moving onto harder drugs, as after a while cannabis starts to lose it's effect and people move onto something more hard hitting, obviously if you are a regular user of it.

  • Really bad for you

    VERY ILLEGAL AND has very bad symptoms and could kill you. People get addicted to it and think nothing has happened so they take more of it and the effects are terrible indeed, I recommend you do not take cannabis as it can permanently damage your life in the future.

  • Duh it is a drug

    Legalizing cannabis is wrong. You are legalizing something illegal. And as soon as you legalize one thing then you legalize another thing and before you know it you are legalizing murder. That wouldn't be cool. Neither is legalizing cannabis. Don't legalize it. It is wrong. Seriously people! Get a grip. IT IS A DANGEROUS DRUG

  • Never never never

    The only real argument in favour is putting profit ahead of well being.
    People who take it damage themselves and those around them and generally dont have their life in order, it also prevents them from getting their life in order and spread the disease in to more people.

    And other reasons I cant be asked to type

  • No spells no!

    It's illegal now and should stay like, it might not have killed anyone yet but think of what it's doing in the body while people have it. If your going to have it then have it somewhere else like north Korea or Uruguay were it's legal not in the UK!!!

  • A horrible idea

    There are lots of health risks associated with cannabis. Young people/teenagers are taking these drugs which is very bad for them. Even older people who are used to taking cannabis can feel anxious and paranoid. Your hand-to-eye co-ordination is impaired which makes driving while under the influence of drugs both dangerous and illegal. It causes cancer and lung disease which are quite serious problems in the UK. Allowing it to be legalised would just add to the problem, costing lots of money to the NHS and trouble to the doctors. It increases the heart rate and blood pressure. These are also serious problems and can affect you later in life. While scientists are trying to find ways to stop the heart rate going up and lower blood pressure, people are trying to legalise something that might one of the reasons why blood pressure is so high. It can make the user paranoid which will affect their relationships with their friends and family. This can also make them feel very depressed. They can get mental illnesses like schizophrenia, or, if the person had had schizophrenia in the past, they could have a relapse and be diagnosed with it again. More recently, cannabis was genetically modified (which is called skunk). Skunk has more dangerous effects and is the reason that Prime Minister at the time made it a Class B drug after the last Prime Minister made it a Class C drug. There is a reason why cannabis has been made illegal so I think it should stay that way.

  • No No No

    If cannabis was legalized more people would buy it causing problems to their health. I know people say it hasn't caused any deaths but if Cannabis is legalized, im sure that the death rates from cannabis will soar. Cannabis should only be used for health problems and people should only have Cannabis if it is prescribed by a doctor!

  • No way uk

    Although any drugs can have an effect on behaviour, cannabis is one of the leaders when it comes to paranoia. Imagine everyone being paranoid, watching everyone, and a single move that can be construed as aggressive would result in the biggest mass riot ever. So I say NO, definitely not!

  • Stop laying your bad habit on other people!

    Look,if you want to get stoned then fine,go for it.
    Dont for one minute try to make out it's not harmful?Get real.
    If you don't want to be labelled a criminal then don't indulge.
    I'm sick of martyrs who want everyone to try it.Believe it or not there is more to life than getting high you know?

  • Mental Illness and money

    The most potent reason that cannabis should not be legalised is that we are still unsure of its long-term effects. Some serious mental health problems have been linked with cannabis, such as schizophrenia, psychosis, memory loss, depression, paranoia, and loss of concentration. These risks are heightened when you’re young as your brain is still developing. Physical problems have also been linked with cannabis, namely, respiratory problems, cognitive decline, cancer, heart disease, the increasing of one’s heart rate and the lowering of one’s sperm count. If legalised, which would undoubtedly make the numbers who use cannabis rise, even more of the taxpayers money would need to be used to treat these negative side effects. Nonetheless, many people will say, I haven’t experienced these problems so why does it matter? It matters because is it really realistic to expect the Government to legalise cannabis if it cannot accurately predict what the effects of legalising cannabis would be? It is not fair to compare cannabis to alcohol or cigarettes, because we know the effects of these, and people use these regardless of them.

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