• Gay marriage should be legal everywhere

    I personally do not see a major issue with gay marriage. It's one of those things I really do not pay much attention to because I am not gay, and only know a few that are. Personally, I say let it become a world wide legalization, even though it will raise some eyebrows.

  • The UK Should Legalize Gay Marriage

    Yes, the United Kingdom should legalize gay marriage. The love felt by a homosexual couple is the same love that is felt by a heterosexual couple. As such, it should be privy to all of the rights afforded to heterosexual couples. Therefore, the United Kingdom should definitely legalize gay marriage.

  • Modern Civilization is Ready

    Everyone deserves equal rights, and the same is true in regards to gay marriage. Modern civilization has moved beyond the Dark Ages' notion that certain classes of people should be excluded from being happy. Let's have a little tolerance and realize that the pursuit of happiness is a basic human right that should be given to all, not just heterosexuals.

  • Yes, gay marriage should be legal everywhere.

    Gay marriage is just the union of two people who are willing to make an emotional and legal contract together. If it is legal for heterosexuals it needs to be legal for homosexuals, too. Other types of marriages were not legal at one time and now are so we can evolve in our thinking.

  • Yes yes yes

    Homosexual people are just the same as heterosexual people so should have the same rights. The bible was written out of our time and the only thing in the bible that suggests gay is wrong is when he says a man should not lie next to another man. But back then increasing the population was important and if they really believe in god then they would believe in equality and love for all not discrimination and hate.

  • Of course

    Gay marriage is an arrangement between two consenting individuals. There's no evidence to suggest that it is harmful to the individuals taking part or to others. The only reason this is even in question is because some people find it strange and repulsive. I'd like to point out that that is an opinion, which is a very shaky thing to base a law off of.

  • Of course.

    Yes, there is no reason not to. There is no compelling argument against gay marriage except the one that government shouldn't be involved in marriage at all, and that is, generally speaking, a far too libertarian stance for most Western democracies. So, if the UK is going to allow people to get married, it should allow gay people to get married.

  • If they have the support

    I think that everywhere with a following and community support should legalize gay marriage, there is no reason to not. who does it harm? no one. Who does it help? The people who actually want to spend the rest of their lives together. I can't see why they wouldn't. Also they have a pretty open country.

  • If there's a call for it, yes

    I'm of the belief that gay marriage should be legalized in general so I have no qualms with the UK legalizing it if there's a movement going on there for it to happen, which I imagine there is. It's time for religious bigots to acknowledge that homosexual are humans and thus deserve the rights of being one.

  • No, marriage is sacred.

    No, the UK should not legalize gay marriage, because marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman. Marriage is a partnership entered into by heterosexual couples for the purpose of commitment and for having children in a safe, protected environment. There is no societal purpose in recognizing homosexual marriage.

  • End of marriage institution

    Why should someone go to the religious organisation, such as church, to claim that it should abandon one of its fundamental views of seeing a marriage to be a union of a Man and a woman? In England the church is not a governmental institution, so how can some minority of people dictate to the church what it should do?

  • It's not natural

    Nature didn't intend for two men or two women to have children otherwise we would all be asexual which we are not.
    Cries of homophobic... The only argument that comes from supporters of gay marriage is like children calling an overweight child fatty. They are trying to scare people from opposing it and it seems to be working.
    It is not natural for a child to be brought up in a home where there are only 2 men or 2 women thinking it is normal when as mentioned above it is not.
    As for telling people to move on and not live in the past well monkeys have intercourse with the same sex and I thought we had evolved from apes
    Basically, a civil partnership has all the same legal rights as a marriage.

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