• Yes, I do think they should

    I know times are rough for ever country,but the UK should reduce its military spending,but you don't want to open things up for other issues. I don't think they have cut it as much as they should,but other think they have cut it way too much. If they find a stable ground they should be ok. The US could learn from this.

  • It could leave Britain in danger of keeping it's sovereignty

    It's not the time for the UK to reduce it's military, specially not now that threats like Russia or Iran are rising. Besides it would only make Britain fall even more in second place when it comes to international relationship since it wouldn't be taken with the enough respect. I think the country has had enough with the Scotland referendum to actually keep debilitating itself in such a serious matters.

  • No, the UK should not reduce military spending.

    I do not think that the United Kingdom should reduce its military spending. I think it is important for a country like the UK to be able to maintain a strong military presence in that part of the world. I think that while they still have a lot of allies, they need to do their part to make sure their military is strong.

  • Keep military spending where it is.

    I don't think that it would be wise for the United Kingdom to reduce its military spending at this time. With increasing doubt regarding the European Union's viability to remain as a political and economic power, that would be a bad idea. Further, Russia appears to be building up its military forces which could lead to another Cold War. The UK must be ready.

  • No, Spending lot on Defence

    Why keep sending Billions in aid to countries who have their own space programme or have a better economy than UK. The current government don't seem to worry about their own people but just want to be in the in good books of other countries. UK need to spend more on their Public services to boost Economy which they failed to do.

  • No, it should not.

    The United States spends a ton on military, this would mean it would be safe for any country to spend more as we spend more than many of the top countries combined. It would show less power in their country, even though the United States would probably never attack anyone for spending less on military.

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