• What is Islam?

    Islam is NOT a religion. It is an arab take over the world plot via genocide. If Hitelr lived in the middles ages he would have made Nazism a region and it would look just like Islam. Of course not all islam is bad just like not all aspect of Nazism were bad; you cannot forgot Nazism DID resurrect the german economy from the brink of disaster, increased national pride, and made it a world power again in a way it had not been since before WWI. Islam had to have aspect that made it capable of managing day to day life successfully but that belies it TRUE purpose which is genocide and arab domination.

    Islam is nothing but an abrahamic region hijacked by an arab who made the entire religion centered on the arabs in a way christianity never was since it was founded by a jew for non-jews. Islam is founded by an arab invader and genocider for the purpose of canting systemic arab invasion and genocide. Hitelr would have been proud if what he left behind was anything as enduring the evil of ISLAM. The most evil person is not Stalin or Hitler; it was muhammad.

    Stop calling islam a region because that is an insult to every region that ever exited and allows that evil genocidal freak of an institution called islam to continue. Islam=Genocide=Evil and that is obvious in its history for anyone to see.

  • Islam is not a religion of peace.

    Muslims are far too dangerous for this world with over 2.5 million terrorist agreemant muslims and much more wanting the implementation of shariah law. Shariah law is nothing but a cancerous hate driven and disease filled dictatorship hidden under the cloak of satan. Nothing more than that. The world cannot deal with any more terrorist attacks from these peoples.

  • Islam is inherently violent and prone to radicalization.

    -Mohammad was a military conqueror, who unlike Jesus and the God of the Bible, Killed because of dis-belief.
    -Mohammad nicknamed his weapons
    -Mohammad permits husbands to beat wives
    - Modern day use of stoning, and cutting off hands in the middle east.
    -Stoned Gays, Burned Christian churches, cut off the hands petty thieves, Ethnic Genocide on Jews.
    -Mohammad killed a Poet who merely insulted him.
    -Mohammad stole from Meccan caravans
    - Mohammad kills 600 Jews for their Religion, and took the women as sex slaves.
    The God of the Bible killed for Repeated moral wrongs representative of a Nation. He always spared the innocent, and did not kill for disbelief. Due to the New Covenant with Jesus, The Christian God no longer kills, but reserves punishment until death.

    "Allah" and Mohammad sack towns, burn them, persist in the Old ways of Stoning and cutting off hands, allow the beating of Women, etc.
    Technically, Mohammad could be tried for war crimes, Child Rape (Confirmed marriage with a 9 Year old), Murder, Cultural Genocide, and terrorism.

  • Yes they should

    Islam is the root of all these rapes and murders going on in Europe, it is among the largest offenders of human rights in world history, They should declare war on Islam, and all other sick ideologies as well. The allies declared war on the Nazis, how is Islam an exception? It wants to irradiate western civilization and establish a one world super state and has no regard for human rights.

  • Approach Different, less radical

    Although @above agreement is good, I have different approach.
    First, Muslims are bad for the world. We have to boil the muslims alive.. Oh wait they already do that to eachother
    Hm Perhaps we should whip them and stamp on their heads. Oh wait they already do that to eachother too!
    Perhaps we should do something that is better than what they do? Remember Hitler? He was good at killing. And like @above, we should execute them and hang them by flags of the US. We should pour acid down their a$$holes until their intestines bleed from the inside.
    We should feed them grime (their usual diet, so it won't be surprising) infested with flesh eating bacteria, and burn their family and children alive (if they even care about their families).USA USA

  • All who say yes are stupid.

    If you racist bigots have any idea what the UN represents you would know that Uzbekistan ,Egypt, and other middle eastern countries. The Representative of these countries are mostly Muslim, America is one of the few nations where are leader is Christian. If you want to declare war on Muslims make sure you declare war on the rest of the world. We live in America so a lot of what we see is the media trying to brainwash us into thinking we are the best and purest of heart. If you want to eliminate Muslims because some are extremest, be prepared to do that to Christians too. Christians are known to be terrorist.For example, does anyone remember the Holocaust that was done by a Christian, or the Holy Crusade that was also done by them, oh or how about Dylann Roof shooting up churches because of his extremest ways. You idiots have never probably left the United States, yet you wimper like cowards wanting to kill innocent people. If there was ever to be a war on Muslims ,you would be the terrorist not them.

  • Not Mooslims or Muslims

    ISIS and these other terrorist factions are not representatives of Islam, they are a minority extremist group belonging to an equally extremist sect called Wahhabism which was founded in the 1700s and is what the Saudi family is upon and they are the biggest promoters of this sect and a lot of information out there will likely be their material as they have managed to spread it far and wide with their petrodollars.

    In short, ISIS are not Muslims, they are what we call Khawarij, those who have left the religion, and are vile extremists and are dogs of Hell.

  • Muslims are the VICTIMS

    - 90% of those killed by ISIS are Muslim. ISIS is a group of raging killers practicing a radical form of there religion, Muslims are practicing peaceful religion. Just like radical Muslims, Radical Christians follow violence against Jews, slavery, and Holy War. And so there are Christians who practice a peaceful religion. Double standards?

    - I thought Americans were strong followers to the Constitution and believed in the freedom to worship any God they choose, but I guess that is crp.

    *** I can see legitimate Pro opinions to this poll, but the comments from the Pros are purely discriminate. They are scarier than the KKK.

  • Provide a valid reason devoid of hate

    If the only reasons for declaring war on "Mooslims" is because of hate, then how different are the ones on the left side of this argument any better? Should the UN declare war on them too for spewing hate filled messages? Because they do sound like extreme prejudice and I am afraid for my life now.

    Highlighting the actions of a few Muslims and using that as a template for the entire religion is bigoted, myopic and dim-witted. It is the same as blaming the entire Christian population for the crimes committed by the following Christian folks:
    1) 20 year old Adam Peter Lanza travelled to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he shot and killed 20 students between the ages of 5 and 10 (insert child massacre related exclamations and shout terrorist!).

    2) Dylann Roof shot nine people in a historic African-American church named the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. His quote before shooting - "I have to do it. You rape our women and you're taking over our country. And you have to go." This oddly sounds like the type of rant the folks saying "Yes" to this topic are performing. Does this mean I group you all as Dylann Roofs? Should you all be tried like him? Are you all of his mindset?

    Hate has never gotten us anywhere and furthering it because of certain individuals will not solve anything.

  • The last thing the world needs is another war.

    Beyond the obvious persecution, I'd be more than happy to point out a separate issue. War is expensive. The wars that followed 9/11 cost both the united nations, and the united states (the main supporter of the UN at 22%) 11+ years of chasing ghosts, and a projected amount of 4-6 trillion dollars. Everyone already cries about tax rates, and some (conservatives) whine about social program expenditures. Why waste another 15 years chasing more ghosts, and another 10 trillion dollars dealing with a problem that most people dont have the stomach to actually deal with? Let them be.

  • This is absurd

    Most Muslims are not terrorists or terrorist sympathizers. In fact Muslims are primarily the victims of terrorism. In Baghdad ISIS just killed over 200 Muslims. Declaring war on Muslims will only breed more resentment. The UN is supposed to help people including Muslims. There are 1 billion of them and we can;t declare war on all of them.

  • Generalizations are unfair

    Muslims cannot be blamed for ISIS exactly as Christians cannot be blamed for the crusades. We should instead blame bigotry, fundamentalism, intellectual stagnation, illiteracy and poverty for terrorism throughout history. The abuses of middle-age Europe subsided by the arrival of the Enlightenment movement and scientific, philosophical thought. So what the Muslim world needs now is an equivalent Enlightenment, not a war waged by the UN. Machiavellian imams and mullahs use religion as an impetus to motivate young people to kill, ravage and rape. They sugarcoat such violent calls with promises of divine salvation and eternal bliss, not to mention theories of Western conspiracies against Muslims and their religion. So waging a war against Muslims will just prove their point and create thousands of Bin Ladens and Baghdadis all over the Muslim world. If there is something to do about terrorism, it is a new vision - a revolution in the Islamic world. Five centuries ago people looked on Christianity as a violent religion that endorsed witch-hunts, burning heretics at the stake, waging holy wars against non-Christians, killing and exiling thousands of Jews and Muslims (talk about the Grand Inquisition in Spain). But with the arrival of Reform and Enlightenment the Christian world became a better place to live in. So yes, the solution to Islamic terrorism is a wholescale enlightenment, not violence.

  • ISIS is a pretend boogeyman

    Is real is conducting an anti-Muslim propaganda campaign. All televised ISIS attacks are false flags intended to scare the American people into needing a protecting father figure, and hating Muslims. Wake up and do some research instead of believing what the monopolized talking head figures on the evening news are reading from their cues.

  • Islam is a peaceful religion.

    Islam as a religion is very peaceful. Those thst make it not peaceful sure people claiming to be of Muslim faith thst commit acts of terror on innocent people. Those are who we are against. Muslims are very peaceful, and also don't want the cruelty and hate like everyone else. Declaring war on Islam would be like declaring war on billions of innocent people.

  • Stupid people make me want to cry

    The fact that 50% of the people here are in favour of it really makes me doubt the efficiency of education systems around the world.
    Perhaps the funniest thing of it all is the degree to which people don't seem to know the aims of the UN and its structure. I don't know how an organization that has pledged itself to maintain peace in the world could possibly declare war to a religion - also considering that many of the nations in the UN are predominantly Muslim. But, well.

    I wish more people in the United States (and unfortunately, I guess the disease called ignorance is starting to spread in Europe too) would use their brains and actually pay attention in school or just have some common sense, really.

    Greetings, a Muslim from Germany, who speaks 5 languages and will start studying Maths at one of the best universities of the country this year and who would also call herself a pacifist. I really do hope the UN has better things to do than decalre war on me based on my faith.

    Have a nice day, people! Read a book!

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