• The rule of law

    (Evolution, power to the people, the rule of law)
    Dear comrade! Epidemics and various crises threaten the worldwide civilisation! Stand up now! Curse nationalism, the private egoism and the parties. A billion of our brothers and sisters dies of starvation and epidemics. We live in a terrible inhuman unacceptable private society. We need a worldwide law to replace money domination by law domination. (System: “The rule of law”). With continuous repeated e-polls, we want to transform the “Ηuman Rights” into laws, the labor unions with their bilateral agreements and the United Nations, into the green UHO United Human Organisation and labour laws. We are not sheep to be led. We citizens want to enact constitutional laws themselves. Our own digital basic laws will help us all to own and to control everything together without leaders and parties.(System: “The rule of law”, see: un . Org). We need immediately worldwide common real democratic laws and first of all equality with a common language and a common worldwide civilisation.
    "The rule of law", "Lex Rex" The law is king. Nomocracy, Νóμος=law.
    Fred Blomson, born in 1937, genuine democratic amateur philosopher in: UH, GR, SE, DE, fred.Blomson@gmail.Com Group: facebook. Com/we cosmopolitans, debate.Org
    A: We need to organise ourselves in UHO United Human Org.
    B: Require e-voting on a common language.
    C: Require e-voting for worldwide constitutional laws (according to the system "The rule of law" Please see: un. Org, please share!

  • United Nations Should Follow Rule of Law

    While the United Nations already follows a form of rule of law, the international body should implement further concepts into its own governance. The UN rarely follows the laws of other countries if they don't match with the body's own standards and policies. Therefore, Rule of Law would make perfect sense for the United Nations and its global operations.

  • The United Nations should use the Rule of Law.

    The United Nations should use the Rule of Law. Even though there are already some dictatorships in the world, the UN's use of the Rule of Law would prevent any more from forming and also allow for every member of the UN to have a say in the day to day operations.

  • They are only advisory.

    No, the UN should not follow the rule of law, because the UN is only meant to be an advisory body. The UN is only meant to be a forum so that people from each nation can discuss their differences, rather than have a massive war. The UN was never meant to be a body to make laws. UN should not follow the Rule of Law.

  • No, it has to be a voluntary organization.

    No, the UN should not follow the Rule of Law, because the UN should not usurp the sovereignty of any member nation. The UN should not become a world power government. Rather, the individual states that are members of the United Nations still need to act as a check on the UN and make sure that they act appropriately. One world government would be corrupt and misguided.

  • The UN does not have to follow the Rule of Law.

    The UN does not have to follow the Rule of Law. They are two separate entities on paper and even though some of there rules overlap, they do not have to follow them. The UN are the ones that created the Rule of Law in the first place. Which the UN is the entity that dictates the law to begin with.

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