Should the UN Panel have ruled in Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's favor after he complained he was "arbitrarily detained"?

  • Assange shouldn't be more of a criminal than any other

    I think it is with great damage to the reputation of the West the bad way we treat our political prisoners. We should be listening to them and try to bring them to the talk table, not throw them in jail just for having opinions against our own. It is just cruel.

  • No, Assange has never been "arbitrarily detained".

    Yes, Assange is correct in stating he has rights that should be exercised, but he is instead choosing to avoid those rights by refusing to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy. There are, of course, many things he can complain about such as his lack of "..sunlight and fresh air, adequate medical facilities and legal and procedural security", but he is choosing to avoid authorities so he has made himself into a refugee. It is my belief that if he wants his rights to be exercised, then he needs to stop hiding and face his accuser in a court of law.

  • Assange is not being "arbitrarily detained"

    Assange is not being "arbitrarily detained", as he says. He is being kept in London because he is subject to a rape case in Sweden. For this reason, he is not allowed to leave his current location. If he were to go to Ecuador, he would be fleeing a serious crime. For this reason, I believe Assange should be ordered to stay where he is or be sent to Sweden to face charges. Everyone facing criminal charges is responsible for following the rules and regulations of the country they are in. This man should not be treated any differently than an average citizen. I feel the UN should not even have to be involved in this situation.

  • UN Panel errs in Wikileaks ruling

    A UN Panel, reportedly about to rule that Wikileaks found Julian Assange was "arbitrarily detained," erred in its decision. Mr. Assange claims he has been deprived of his liberty by being held for a long period of time. However, if he leaves and is arrested, he will have his day in court.

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