Should the UN restrict arms sales to rogue nations?

  • Yes of course

    I think that arms sales should be restricted to any one who is suspect to using them in a bad way. the UN could use this as an opportunity to help improve world peace and terrorism. It will be a battle that will go on forever but they need to try and restrict who has those guns.

  • Yes, there is no reason to assist rogue, untrustworthy nations

    I definitely feel that the UN should restrict arms sales to rogue nations because there is no reason to strengthen the position of countries with unclear or hostile intentions. The UN was created to be a global police force that supports human rights and promotes peace. Dealing arms to rogue nations would only encourage the opposite.

  • Yes, the point of the UN is to promote world peace.

    If the UN allows rogue nations to gain weapons, then it must forever play a reactive role in trying to end regional conflicts after many lives are unnecessarily lost. While I do not think that the UN would have much luck in restricting weapon sales since the members of the UN security council make almost all the weapons in the world, they should at least make an effort.

  • National Sovereignty prohibits Sanctions

    If you look at article 2 of the UN Charter, they state that they want to uphold "Sovereign equality," intervening with internal affairs goes directly in opposition with this. Although I do believe Rogue nations should not get their hands on the weapons, the UN is not the one to do it.

  • Every country has a right to defend itself

    No; it isn't the job of the United Nations to determine which countries are and are not allowed to purchase weapons. History has proven that weak countries, deservedly or not, become victims when their neighbors are more powerful. While rogue nations have the potential to become more aggressive if they are fully armed, they have a right to defend themselves. Unless the UN is prepared to create its' own standing army, under the UN flag, and tell all but the 'super powers' that they are to unilaterally disarm, then the UN has no right to pick and chose who gets to produce and buy weapons.

  • No the UN should not restrict arms to rogue nations

    Every person, every country should have the right to bear arms and to defend themselves from attackers. To take that away for any reason is inhuman. Just because some people in a country abuse weapons, doesn't mean you should take them away from everyone. It is unfair, the ends do not justify the means. Punish those who commit the acts with the weapons, not those who do not and are responsible with them.

    So no I don't think the UN should restrict arms to rogue nations at all......only rogue people should have their right to bear restricted.

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