Should the UN sanction countries that ban homosexuality?

Asked by: HenryGBR
  • Homosexuals deserve their rights

    Homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality, gay people are born gay, they can't help but be gay, evolution and creationism are lies, people were originally sexless and immortal but then the Reptilians came to earth and genetically modified people into male and female mortals and introduced sexuality and reproduction, sex is unnatural, but since we have sexes, we can have sex with whom ever we want because it is not the natural scheme of things. And countries who ban homosexuality are bigoted they should be removed because if there are heterosexuals then there should be homosexuals also, amen

  • I don't like it, but it should.

    Let's be realistic. Most countries still ban homosexual unions and if the UN starts sanctioning all those countries, then life will be difficult for the majority of the world's citizens. Imagine bringing sanctions against most of Asia and Africa. Its the citizens that will suffer, not the governments. In an ideal wold, yes, homosexuality should not be banned anywhere and any homophobic activity by individuals or governments should be met with strict action but as of today, the world is not yet mature enough and if economic sanctions are brought against ALL the countries that ban homosexuality, a lot of citizens will suffer due to rising inflation, poverty, etc

  • We need to show them it's wrong

    The largest economies in the world all support LGBT rights, it is our responsibility to sanction countries than ban homosexuality, especially countries like Saudi Arabia where the punishment is death by beheading. We can help LGBT all over the world just by imposing sanctions, why don't we do it? Why don't we save the 13 year old Saudi boy who is afraid? Why don't we help Sally and Sandra who can't be together in public? Why can't we help the world realise that being LGBT is okay?

  • Of Course. Homosexuality has nothing to do with the World; it is a sexual preference.

    This is just another silly post.

    Homosexuality is not a human right; it is a sexual preference, which most of the world does not accept, despite what the gays rights groups want you to believe. Homosexuality is not normal; a homosexual species was not created by evolution.

    The United Nations has much more important world issue to address than worrying about a bunch of loud-mouthed gays screaming about how bad they are treated.

    Cry cry, poor little gay people.

  • Whether sanctions work or not it sends a message

    The United Nations not only supporting but enforcing the freedom to sexuality shows the world that times are changing regardless of whether or not those countries adhere to the rules. It is similar to when Barack Obama commented on the Trayvon Martin shooting, everybody was listening, and used him as a credible source. The same will happen with the UN, if the UN does so they will be the next milestone in solidifying gay rights.

  • It is harmful to people just for who they love

    It's just so in vogue right now "moral relativism", "be tolerant",...

    But people don't really think it through. Relativism does NOT require anyone to be tolerant. In fact it really doesn't require anything. We have a better economy than they do, we have a bigger military than they do. We are bigger than they are and quite frankly I think we have it right when it comes to gay rights and they don't. Let's use our power to make the world a better place. Better according to our own subjective opinions of what is better? Yes, exactly. I don't get why that's a problem. From a game theory perspective this always being tolerant thing isn't wise it's being a doormat. Whether or not to be tolerant is relative so I suggest we just be tolerant when it's logical for us. Gay people aren't hurting anybody so tolerate them. Homophobes are hurting people and for many of us close people we care about, so we don't need to tolerate them. I'll tolerate that they can speak and even carry banners since free speech and free opinion is necessary for a marketplace of ideas. But that doesn't mean we should tolerate discriminatory and persecutorial practices carried out by backwards regimes and cultures against people who are just minding their own business. And yes, "backwards" is my subjective word of art that I'm just throwing on to it. So what?

    I don't know about you but I would much rather we do business with countries that aren't persecuting homosexuals. So why not pass some sanctions? Maybe a total sanction of Russia wouldn't be possible but can we at least pass some tariffs or quota some of their products?

  • Homosexuality is not a UN issue.

    For starters, I fully support gay rights, and I don't think that governments should regulate sexuality.

    But, I think that once you create an agenda within the UN, you destroy the purpose of the UN.
    The UN charter does not say anything about enforcing ideas. The UN's purpose is to be a PEACEKEEPING organization, that promotes harmony and international civility. Imposing social policies on a sovereign is not the purpose of the UN.

    If you desire harmony and peace, you cannot ostracize cultures and peoples that have differing views than you.

  • Civil Rights belong to all humans, not just those in the country you live in.

    If a country was murdering it's own people, slaughtering them, you'd want sanctions. If a country was enslaving them, you'd want sanctions. If a country was striking down the right of the people to vote, their right to privacy, their right to any liberties (free press, free speech, free religion, the entire bill of rights and constitution and Magna Carta!) you would want sanctions.
    I think the UN should sanction countries that do this because I believe it to be a right to love who you want to love, since it is inborn and not something that can be changed.

  • No, of course not!!

    I am a gay man and the freedom of one country to legalize gay activities is the same freedom that allows other countries to prohibit this activity. If the UN is sanctioning countries it doesn't see eye to eye with, then pretty soon there will be no more countries left in the UN. I guess it's only freedom if you do what the UN wants, but if you aren't willing, you are enemy #1. Totally outrageous, hypocritical, and downright stupid.

  • Absolutely, definitely not

    Sanctioning countries that have certain laws creates on world government. This is the thing we want to avoid. By forcing other countries to accept certain things, we limit the freedom of others. What we consider as "right" or "just", may not be right or just to people of other countries.

  • They should absolutely not.

    The UN shouldn't even exist. Every nation has the right to choose their own policies and form of government. Stop interfering in other people's business and maybe we won't get bombed so much. Homosexual rights is such a stupid reason to sanction a nation. How would you feel if the UN tried to force the US to violate our constitution? How would you feel if another nation violated our sovereign rights? You would probably want a war.

  • It's against the UN principles.

    Now hang on for a moment before you think I'm crazy, but in the 90s the UN has passed a resolution to protect nation's sovernty and they ruled that intervening against other nation's is illegal and against the UN's foundation and it also stamps out the ideals of freedom of religion.

  • The UN can not get in the business of every Nation.

    To start... I love how if the US enters an issue, everyone says to stay out... But than when the UN (using the US's army) enters, it's okay.

    The UN declared that every nation has autonomy and may be ran how that nation like. If the people disapprove, than it's their place to act. It's not the UN's place to act opposite of that nation and it's people's wants (since most countries that ban Homosexuality, the ban is supported by the people.)

    Now where in the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights is homosexuality listed as a right? Because I know someone is going to bring that up.

    Point is, the UN can stay out of other nation's affairs. Their point is to prevent war, not start it.

  • The U.N. Is not the boss.

    Whether or not a country supports gays is up to that country.
    Just like with alcohol prohibition, the U.N. Should have nothing to do with it.
    It is a matter of internal morality and governmental decision.
    A group of people who don't live in that country should have no control of what they do there.

  • Shut up Russia because love knows no bounds!!!!

    Alright Russia needs to shut his mouth! Yeah that is right Putin, here me loud and clear, are you going to put me in jail?! Let them love who they want to love. It is not right to segregate these people just because they have a different sexuality than others.

    Posted by: Ver
  • We should not seek to impose Western social values on traditional, conservative or religious cultures.

    Personally, I believe that gentlemen who dance the chocolate cha-cha and ladies who wear stout shoes should be treated like normal human beings, in fact, I think more should be done to encourage good looking young women to explore their sexuality with each other, particularly in public places such as clubs and bars, but I recognise that not all people in the world are as liberal and open minded as people like me in the West.

    In more conservative countries homosexuality is widely considered to be revolting, immoral and unnatural and the thought of two men performing unspeakable sexual acts together would make many people in the developing world wretch in disgust. Actually, a lot of people in the West would be sick to the pits of their stomachs at the thought of it as well.

    So who are we to impose a plague of puddle-jumping, pansy-potting, pillow-biting, uphill-gardening men who iron their socks on societies who are opposed to the lifestyle mattress-munching, gender-bending, shirt-lifting bad throwers choose to lead.

  • They should not

    First of all what business is it of the UN's. Second of all it's things like this that prove the UN has gotten too powerful, it shouldn't be allowed to subvert the laws of countries. IN fact I think the UN should be disbanded altogether. It causes more harm than good.

  • Diplomatic Condemnation not Sanction.

    I believe that the United Nations and other nations should diplomatically condemn the horrible anti-LGBT laws in place in Russia but the United Nations should not implement sanctions on nations that "ban homosexuality." Each nation has a right to implement it's own laws and it is up to the people of Russia to bring about the change they see fit.

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Anonymous says2013-08-26T21:30:35.590
Why is their a Russian protest picture? Russia did not ban homosexuality.
the_croftmeister says2013-08-27T01:37:30.870
It depends on the penalties for violating the ban. If it's something like a fine or a night in lock up or attendance of a short workshop to encourage heterosexual behaviour I don't think the UN should be getting involved. If they are torturing or chemically castrating people, then it's an issue of human rights.