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  • it's the most dangerous organisation now.

    ISIS is the biggest and the most dangerous threat nowadays. Only together governments of different countries can win. Of course, UN as the most powerful and uniting organisation, which was created to provide safety and peace, should step in and take really hard actions against ISIS to remove the threat of its spreading.

  • Yes, the UN needs to step in

    The UN definitely needs to step in. ISIS is a worldly threat and the UN needs to take action. The US should not be leading the charge in the fight against ISIS. This is one of the reasons the UN exists. They need to step in sooner rather than later.

  • ISIS should be taken seriously

    ISIS and their ideals have clearly been shown to be a threat to a good number of people and countries including ours. I love how we decide not to take things seriously until we're left with little option but to do so, how many lives could have been saved if the UN decided to take action sooner? ISIS isn't going away anytime soon and we need to do what we can to ensure that ISIS is not only eradicated but their effects on the world are minimal because the longer this goes on the worse it's gonna get. So yes, I feel that the UN should do something about ISIS because how does anyone not doing anything about them help anything?

  • The UN should take action against ISIS

    The UN's mission is to keep the peace by maintaining global security and defending human rights. In this case, ISIS is a global security threat and a major violator of human rights. Therefore, it should be clear that the UN should take action against ISIS. The UN was created specifically for global threats of this nature. And every country in the UN security council agrees that ISIS is the enemy, so there should be no debate.

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