Should the UN value human rights over sovereignty: Should the UN value protecting human rights over sovereignty?

  • Human rights should be the foundation of a nation.

    Human rights should be the foundation on which a nation runs. Part of respect for sovereignty comes from the respect for human rights, and the rights to make decisions. However, most nations agree that human rights violations should not be tolerated or condoned. Placing sovereignty over human rights would disregard the respect for others that sovereignty symbolizes.

  • National Sovereignty and Independence are more important.

    Every nation with it's own culture,civilisation,identity,language etc.Has the right of defending it against foreign influences and oppression.The UN is foreign to most countries and it has no right to litteraly invade other countries and manipulate their culture on they way they want on the pretence of defending human rights.If a culture does something that is wrong then the people of that particular culture will understand it eventually on their own just as we did and they will evolve according to their own identity.There is no need for foreign intervention.

  • No, sovereignty is still paramount.

    No, the UN should not value human rights over sovereignty, because that gives the United Nations the ability to interfere with a nations own rights. A nation does not relinquish all control when it decides to join the United Nations. The United Nations could effectively run these countries under the guise of protecting human rights.

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