Should the uninsured on public assistance have access to prescription medications for allergic rhinitis (which is basically hay fever)?

  • Yes, of course

    Everyone, regardless of your socio economic situation, should have access to prescription medications regardless of what the condition is. This includes allergic rhinitis. I do not even understand why there are discussions over things such as this. In a fair world, it would be dismissed off hand as something utterly ludicrous.

  • Yes, they are humans.

    All humans on this earth should not die of any sickness because of a stupid reason like money a greed that others cannot say. They should be given such assistance in terms of medication so that they do not contract such a fever and the people will not have the suffer.

  • Anyone should have access.

    What an oddly specific question. Here in the United States we now have the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. And thanks to that, we don't have uninsured on public assistance. We have the insured, on expanded Medicare/Medicaid. And yes, oddly specific question asker, they are allowed access to prescription medication for hay fever.

  • No, the uninsured shouldn't have access to prescription meds by way of public assistance.

    I do not think that the uninsured should have public assistance in terms of accessing prescription medications such as those that are treated for allergic rhinitis. I think that the public shouldn't have to be made to pay for some people's medical needs just because they have allergies and illnesses.

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