• If the majority

    Of Scots want to break away from the UK and be a separate country, they should be allowed. Same for Ireland, Wales. Same applies to any country really. People from different areas tend to have different values, different ways of doing things, it's just the nature of things. When groups that don't see eye to eye are forced to be together, it's counter-productive, no one really wins because no one's ever happy. People tend to get along better when they know no one is forcing them.

  • The UK is an anachronism

    All multi-national states broke up with time. The UK is a multinational state and it is a lef-over from Empire. It is inevitable that it will dissolve, it is the natural last step of abolishing the British Empire.
    Rather then debating about whether or not, the focus should shift on how. The velvet revolution that dissolved the Cech and Slovak republics is a worthy example. Nations who did no longer see eye to eye decided to split apart.
    Northern Irelend, Scotland and England/Wales obviously do not see eye to eye. It is about time to fess up and get the job done. It will be the best for all involved.

  • Yes it should be.

    The Government of the UK isn't really voted in by the UK, it's voted in by England. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland never voted and never have voted for a conservative government but have to put up with one for 5 years because England voted Conservative mainly, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are different countries with different views, cultures and people. I'd like to see all of the countries in the UK go independent and prosper themselves.

  • Yes it should be

    The UK began to break up in 1920 when Ireland left. There are no really good reasons now why Scotland should remain part of an anachronistic union. The political systems have drifted apart as the two party system disintegrated, Brexit graphically illustrates how different the outlook of both countries are. In Northern Ireland the changing demographics will lead to a united Ireland. England's diminished role in the post Brexit world will contribute to further weakening of an already fragile union.

  • Yes for Democracy

    The UK is an anachronism. Since the British Empire disintegrated, there is no longer a need for a union of the constituent nations. It should go the way of the USSR and split up into Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland.
    When hate takes over a relationship, it is time to part.

  • Sometime, but not now

    Now, I believe that the UK should be disbanded. Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are different cultures than English culture. These countries only need the cash. The UK should be talking about disbanding. Those areas are nations, but they have been absorbed into England. Even though the UK should not disband yet, they should sometime in the future. I am Scottish, so I would like to see Scotland become independent.

  • Halfway system problem

    Currently, the UK has an asymmetrical system set up: a national parliament, Scottish and Welsh regional parliaments, but no English parliament. The regional parliaments should be abolished, giving each county certain powers that make local elections meaningful. Perhaps a harmonized tax system so that county and national cannot have a higher rate than, lets say 50% top bracket income tax, and 15% VAT, for example. The other route is to make the UK a federal state. Scotland, Wales, England, and North Ireland would have powers that the national government cannot take away. One proposal I heard was a bit perplexing. It wanted to keep the Scottish and Welsh parliaments, but divide England into regions before giving the different regions a parliament. Why should England suffer? Scotland is bigger than Wales, but the Welsh did not insist on Scotland being broken up into different regions with parliaments.

  • No, I do not believe that the United Kingdom should be disbanded.

    First off I'll admit that seeing an independent Scotland and Wales once again would be quite interesting( I'm just assuming Northern Ireland would be incorporated into the mainland.) Despite this I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with people who say that their cultures are very different. I'll admit that Scotland is a bit different from England, but there are also many similarities such as Language, Currency, and Politics. The second point I'd like to make is that all of these lands are, from what I can tell, fairly represented in Parliament and are not neglected in any way. This isn't the 13th century where we needed a William Wallace or Robert the Bruce to save us from unjust English occupation. I admit that there were and still are many who object to the UK such as the IRA and other certain groups, but as far as I can tell these are minorities, while the majorities continue to strive for peace and unification. In conclusion I would say that the United Kingdom should stay United and work out its differences in a peaceful and loving way. Thank you and God bless the UK.

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