Should the United Kingdom become more secularist?

  • Secularism Positive for UK

    The United Kingdom needs to become more secularist because secularism is beneficial for nations in various ways. A secular nation can only be strengthened by such a fact in this day and age. Therefore, the UK needs to consider moving in the direction of secularism with all haste right now.

  • The United Kingdom should become more secularist.

    The United Kingdom should become more secularist because religion is anachronistic. Although a lot of people like to observe religious traditions, religion really has no place in the modern world. Except for official ceremonies, religion has been supplanted by enlightened thought. The UK should set an example for the world by becoming more secularist.

  • The United Kingdom should become more secularist.

    In the 21st century, it is time for the United Kingdom to abandon antiquated ceremonies and become more secularist. Although religion had a role in the past, today there is no need to keep these old fashioned trappings of faith. Religion based governments are a thing of the past and they have no place in the modern world.

  • How could it be more secualrist?

    No, the United Kingdom should not become more secularist, because it is already very secularist. The vast majority of people living in the United Kingdom do not go to church. The government runs most things in the country, and there is very little personal choice left to the people. The country could not possibly be more secularist than it already is.

  • UK Fine With Secularism

    Currently, the United Kingdom is fairly secular, so it can't be said that the nation needs to become more secular. The country allows for a great amount of religious freedom, unlike countless other countries in the world. With that in mind, secularism isn't a problem at all in the UK.

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