Should the United Kingdom grant the Gurkas the right to settle within the United Kingdom's borders?

  • They Simply Aren't Citizens

    Gurkas originate from Nepal but they are actually part of the British Army and have been for well over 200 years. In 2010, retired Gurkas won the right to settle in the UK, they just aren't granted citizenship status. To me it seems odd that Britain trains young people from Nepal, puts them in their army, and then won't even as much as offer them citizenship.

  • Let em in

    Yes, I think that the United Kingdom should let these people in, and I do not think that they will cause any trouble for the UK. I think that they will help with paying taxes, and bring more money into the local markets, without having any clashes with natives there.

  • Absolutely yes, they should

    The Gurkas have been defending and fighting for the United Kingdom for well over 200 years. If anyone should be recognized and allowed to live within the borders of the United Kingdom, it is these fierce, brave soldiers. It would provide to them a much better quality of life all around.

  • Yes, the United Kingdom should grant Gurkas the right to settle within their borders.

    Yes, the United Kingdom should grant Gurkas the right to settle within their borders, but only for a certain amount of time and they need to all be registered. I believe illegal immigration is an issue that needs to be stopped, but I also believe that all countries have the obligation to a fellow human being to provide help as they can.

  • Yes, the Gurkas should have rights to settle in the UK

    Any person who risks their life in defense of a country should automatically obtain the right to live in that country after their service is over. In their service to the United Kingdom the Gurkas have contributed to ensuring and improving the way of life in the UK and should be able to enjoy that lifestyle in exchange for their contribution and sacrifice.

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