Should the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland leave the European Union?

Asked by: WestDoggies
  • Yes yes yes yes.

    Yes, we have no trade in this country any way at the moment, all you lot mentioning we would lose trade such as airbus etc. What about all the steel works that are closing down... Again. What about the mines that are closing down? It mirrors what happened in the 70's, and we havent learnt by our mistakes, we still sell off our assets, and it gets us no where, people loose jobs any way. We need Independence, we need to stop taking orders from EU, and also The United States of America.

    We might as well do it now before another recession, we can then rebuild an independent nation. We also have other major trading partners, things need to change in the uk if you ask me. Maybe im ignorant, but yes. In my shoes, where im standing now, i believe its in our best interest to leave the EU.

  • Depending. What have they been doing and contributing?

    I believe they should act on their own opinion. If it's needed, they will ask the public themselves. I hope that we can rely on Ireland and the United Kingdom to stay committed to their people and to the public of the world. I wonder what they'll do... *Shifty eyes back and forth while squinting*

  • A vote to leave the EU will be the dumbest thing you do in your lifetime.

    There is no financial gain from leaving the EU. Losses to the individual household will run from between 2k (as quoted by the outs) to 4.5k per year (quoted by the in's).
    Democracy won't be magically restored to the British. Complaints of unelected, faceless autocrats running Britain from Brussels could be eliminated by closer federalisation of Europe. This 'broken' system exists due to Britain not fully committing to the European cause and insisting on slackening integration. This is a political motivated ploy, the rich and powerful don't want to let go of that privilege.
    Peace is priceless. 70 years of peace under the EU. Europe is a powder keg of competing nations. Alliances came and went and war was a means to an end in itself. The union smooth's out the rough edges between member states so no matter how shitty your government happened to be at any one time it proved difficult for them to steamroll opinion across the whole of the continent.
    A UK exit will result in the Scottish insisting on a new referendum on its membership of Great Britain. The Scot's see their future as an active member of the European Union. They want to be at the party not prostituting themselves by the door. With Scotland gone why not Wales and N. Ireland to follow.
    Closer trade ties with the US are on the table. TTIP will result in the largest trading force on the planet consisting almost 1 billion of the richest people. You don't want a slice of that action, you think you can negotiate a better deal with a market of around 45 million compared to 450 million Europeans?
    If Britain left the EU they would be subject to trade tariffs and also still have to comply to the majority of the rules they are complaining about. Immigration would not change appreciatively, economics insists on a steady stream of immigrants otherwise the nation stagnates.
    Basically Brexit promotes the inglorious side of what it is to be human. Racism, envy shear bloody mindedness I've heard it all in similar discussions.
    Ever closer ties between the nations of planet Earth is the way to peace and prosperity. The European Union is but one step on that journey and to be honest I don't care who rules over me so long as they do it well.

  • Leaving would be social and economic suicide

    The EU is the UK's main trading partner, worth more than £400bn a year, or 52% of the total trade in goods and services. Millions of jobs could be lost, airbus manufacturing could be moved to other countries such as France and Germany. The European is very strong and Britain can only benefit from being a part of it. For Britain to decide to break apart from it will only cause tension among the countries and is not needed. While the EU needs to be more representative and democratic, its laws prevent fascists from rising to power and it stops laws massively favouring employers, but it needs to be less controlling. Also, there is absolutely no guarantee that India and China will sign free trade deals with us, or America either.

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