Should the United Kingdom raise its military recruitment age from 16 to 18?

  • 16 is too young

    At 16 in American, children are able to drive vehicles by themselves. In the United Kingdom at 16, the government is ready to put machine guns in their hands and put them in front of bombs. This is not a good idea. I know at 16 I was not capable of making fast decisions, especially if my life was at risk. 18 is still too young to be making life or death decisions but it is better at 18 than 16.

  • 16 is Too Young

    The age of 16 is too young to put your life on the line for your country. I understand that the culture of a volunteer military goes back hundreds of years and that the military is a way for citizens to get out of an impoverished situation. However, a teenager still trying to get an education shouldn't have to put his or her life on the line in the name of the freedom until that person is 18.

  • Yes it should.

    The United Kingdom should raise its military recruitment age from 16 to 18. I think 16 is much too young for anyone to join the military. They need to finish high school and better understand themselves and have time to learn and improve in their life before going off and joining the military.

  • Recruiting early is fine

    Some 16 year old know exactly what they want to do when they get older and that they want to serve in the military. I think it is perfectly fine to recruit at this level as long as students can change their mind before they turn 18. Recruitment is not the same as enlistment.

  • Military Recruitment Positive For 16 Year-Olds

    The United Kingdom shouldn't raise its military recruitment age from 16 years-old. Military experience can help younger individuals build discipline and respect for their country. Sixteen is a decent age for recruitment, but not everyone can succeed in the military at such a young age. Eighteen would be a less effective age, though.

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