Should the United Kingdom still be considered a World Power?

Asked by: CK3137
  • Military force isn't just projection of traditional weaponry anymore.

    The UK created and along with the USA controls the Internet, this is one of the most powerful weapons on Earth. The knowledge & ability to cause civil wars without needing to even set foot in a country, bring down economies and coerce those in power is amazing. Combine that with the UK's & it's allies ability to project traditional means and that is a superpower.

  • Yes GB is still a power to be reckoned with, without a doubt!

    Has the stern resolve after Brexit to be "itself" Great Britain
    The British nation has always had resolve and this time will be no exception, the gents above had mentioned all the firepower and economics...

    But i would rather mention their RESOLVE its awesome! And always has been it has not diminished. I feel a Free GREAT BRITAIN is good for the world with their engineering prowess and get around it skills, truly inspiring nation.

  • God Save the Queen!

    Yes, whilst the United States is the lone superpower the UK is a G7 nation and is one of the five countries on the UN security council which makes huge decisons of global proportions. Not to mention the Commonwealth and the captivating influcence of the Monarchy and other British institutions.

  • UK has best educational institutions

    The country has top scientific and educational institutions which are still on the top of science which means indirectly we are influencing world. In addition, our allies (US) are very sympathetic to UK causes which means we are still able to contribute to the world affairs albeit its influence is falling.

  • Epic is what uk is

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  • Of course great Britain

    We are a world power we are leading partners in the unsc osce eu nato and other organizations we have the 5 biggest defense budget i think we will se us rebuild our armed forces quietly and no 1 for soft power so i hopfe we do rebuild our armed forces ther are the best trained in the world ie sas and i think we will really get our armed forces in a place to protect us and aid our allies from ne1 we also have trident as a last resort and of course nato combined military might is un matchable the uk has one of the strongest economies and also has one of the world greatest finical hubs london and one of the oldest democracies in the world i could go on but i wont i know sone ppl will dis agree this is alll true and some of is my opion and hope for our military strength which is improved vut has a long way to go the uk will remail a global power for the forseable future imo as long as corbyn doesnt get in the god help us 😀😀

  • The UK is Still a World Power.

    I believe they are due to their military spending (albeit declining), UN security council seat, role in major world affairs, and nuclear Weapons. The United Kingdom has a long and difficult road ahead of it with many things that could steal its world power status such as Scottish succession, Brexit, and inept government officials, but it is best to never underestimate the British.

  • Still a player

    Fifth largest economy in the world. Leader in media, arts, finance, mining, music, education, oil and gas and aerospace. London has the largest GDP of any city in Europe. UK set to overtake Germany as the largest economy in Europe within 20 years. London is a global capital. Three of the top ten universities in the world are in the UK. Permanent seat on the security council. Major allies around the world. World's most powerful language is English. UK's nominal GDP is more than double the size of Russia's. A shrinking navy, airforce and military, but still one of the most technologically advanced and well-equipped in the world. G7 economy. The list goes. No longer the world's wealthiest and most powerful empire, but still an important global player and proud, culturally-rich nation.

  • Nuclear Weapons/Economic Force?

    With a gigantic stock exchange, some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world as well as a sizeable nuclear arsenal, Great Britain has the power to influence not just Europe, but the commonwealth countries, the United States (to a degree), and oil countries (Through Royal Dutch Shell, now really a British company. Oh yeah also a kickass Army.

  • Certainly a superpower

    With all do respect Britains intelligience agencies are i place surperior to the USAs, they pay Britain for information. The biggest point I want to make is that it is the size and population that makes Britain fall short of a superpower, but it does make up for it with a great economy and a very well trained military. Instead of being a superpower Britains military is dug in strong for defence and are past being a civilised country. I see two types of surperior countries, Military dominant and civilised, Britain is one of the countries in grey area.

  • The United Kingdom no longer possesses the force projection necessary to be a world power, let alone a superpower.

    The United Kingdom, although still influential, does not possess the economic or military influence necessary to be a world power. Unlike the United States and China, whose military and economic influences affect the entire world, the UK's is mostly a regional power. While the UK has cultural ties to the Commonwealth of Nations, and is technically the leader, they have little real influence, and and as such their main influence is in Europe.

    The United Kingdom would be better classified as a regional power, their military does not have the extensive access and force projection as say, the US, and their economy is mainly tied to that of Europe's.

  • Not for many decades

    Alone, the United Kingdom is not a world power. The United Kingdom's and USA partnership them a world power. If the USA were to distant themselves from the UK, England would fall. At the same time, I must state that I also feel USA strengthen too but I don't think America would fall, but maybe falter. The relationship works because UK is like the older brother and the USA is the big brother. In short, they need each other.

  • The UK has little effect on Global policy.

    Nations such as China, the US, Germany, France, Russia and even India command respect when they make decisions that pertain to the rest of the world. If it weren't for it's seat on the UN security council and membership in NATO the UK would be almost completely disregarded by the world as they have little economic, military, or political sway.

  • It'd still relevant but not a superpower

    A leading official Chinese newspaper described Britain as "just an old European country apt for travel and study". While it's wrong, it's not far out as an assessment. GB is a a member of the G7 and leading member of the European Union and one of USAs most closest western allies. However, it's days as a superpower are long gone. Russia, USA, China, and India are more wealthier. China does invest in UK though so it's still considered important. It's military can still pack a punch too. The education, science, technology, and research are still top notch.

  • The days of being a superpower are gone but it's still a player

    An official Chinese newspaper described Britain as "just an old European country apt for travel and study". Britain has value, as a bridge between USA a big player in Europe. It's also a member of the G7 so GB can be considered a wealthy nation. However, it's days as a superpower are gone. It can't alone challanges the might of big players like USA, Russia, or China. However, though China may dismiss the UK as 'historic', it does find us relevant. Chinese still invest in UK so it still has a part to play in the world.

  • Force Projection mainly

    Aside from all the fancy economical and military jargon. The simple answer is Force Projection.
    Meaning you can reach far and "touch" others within record time. Without resorting to nukes I mean. This can either be an economical influence or military. Mind you, only an economical powerhouse can translate into military force projection.

    Economical force projection is something China for example has, but their economy is neither as advance nor as stable..."stable" as the US. Reaching a certain threshold which is subjective, you are able to afford a navy, aircraft carriers on patrol is what allows force projection military wise, quickly followed ; after establishing a beachhead with the main military arm, or the army in the US case.

    Without a strong/competent/well trained navy force projection cannot occur. Technically UK stopped being one after Tacher, she was the last who had enough vision to turn economic power into military force projection during the Falkland Islands. Unfortunately the UK has cannibalize its own navy in exchange of public services. AS a result they have returned to being a regional power.

    Posted by: N711

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