• The United Nations is not what it was meant to be

    The United Nations was created in the wake of the second world war to protect all nations and people from horrible crimes against humanity. However we all know that the UN has failed in this sense horribly recalling the Bosnian Conflict and mass murder throughout Africa. In the 21st century ISIS and Boko Haram have continued their brutal campaign against many innocent peoples and the UN remains a lame duck in the sense it has not accomplished its core functions since its creation.

  • Should UN be disbanded

    Of course it should be disbanded. It is as corrupt and any large govt entity, and any vote they take surely is only attributed to back room handshakes and deals. When allowing pedophilia, rape and sodomy of young girls is not looked upon and basically a blind eye is turned on these horrible crimes yet containing ones security boarders is a bad thing...... It's a backward system

  • The U.N. is worthless and spineless.

    Not only is the U.N. worthless and spineless, they also are true haters of Israel and Jews. You can see it in the quotes they spew and their actions. Dismantle the U.N. now! The only good light blue helmet is one with bullet holes in it and blood smeared on the inside....

  • The U.N. is worthless and spineless.

    Not only is the U.N. worthless and spineless, they also are true haters of Israel and Jews. You can see it in the quotes they spew and their actions. Dismantle the U.N. now! The only good light blue helmet is one with bullet holes in it and blood smeared on the inside....

  • The U.N. is worthless and spineless.

    Not only is the U.N. worthless and spineless, they also are true haters of Israel and Jews. You can see it in the quotes they spew and their actions. Dismantle the U.N. now! The only good light blue helmet is one with bullet holes in it and blood smeared on the inside....

  • Dysfunctional world system

    The United Nations are a broken record. What other organization sends our highly trained military personnel to the most dangerous places in the world telling them they can't fire a shot, not even in self defense? It is run by would-be world leaders who want to handle things systematically and by bringing other non-envolved sovereignties aboard because they lack the backbone and the assets to handle issues themselves. They strive off of keeping the weak and vulnerable under certain circumstances to the point where they have no choice but to rely on them for protection and sustaining. The only reason they are still in power is because certain organizations and people who think they know what's best for everyone believe in this dysfunctional world system, so therefore they continuously throw money into it and keep it afloat.

  • UN Should be disbanded

    UN is the organization that is very ineffective, especially when it concerns the countries that are the members of the Security Council. Look at what Russia is doing to Ukraine, and no meaningful resolution can be passed because of the veto right Russia has.
    Also, UN is hugely antisemitic by nature, discriminating against the state of Israel.

  • Agenda 21 is Evil

    The United Nations is actively destroying western civilization through its refugee immigration policies and will destroy most of the people on earth through it's agenda 21 population control. It seeks to destroy nations, control all movement, all life, and all property. It needs to go. Now. Before it's too late

  • UN has done nothing but to cause misery

    UN is responsible for:
    1) Selective imposition of sanctions on nations resulting in misery.
    2) Forcing nations into treaties that take away their democratic rights.
    3) It gives unfair power to a handful of permanent members of the security council.
    4) It is a total waste of money for the rich nations.
    5) It mismanages so called help to nations.
    6) It makes a mockery of human rights.

    I might as well go on and write a book but for now that's all folks!

  • Disjointed, arrogant, foolish.

    They employ "experts" who would last minuets in the commercial world. The UN is a box of toy soldiers and ignorant people who think they are making a difference - the truth is they do not. The UN have no real impact on improving the nation as a whole. Vast sums of money are being spent in the worst ways possible and in many instances works its way back to the people who caused the problem.

    The individual nations military's are more powerful, the individual nations contributions towards health and welfare are more direct.

    Time for a change - time to make a real difference, not jobs for the boys. These places in which they operate deserve better than people employed from nations to fill quotas and "look" like nations untied together. No more fools doing jobs they are unable to undertake - no more quotas, no more waste. Let the individual nations decide how to tackle thinks effectively with them answerable to their tax payers.

  • Protection Against Racism

    The UN Charter of Human Rights has done so much to stop discrimination to as much of an extent as possible; without it, I think there would be more racism and danger to people who are in a position to be discriminated against, as their laws have brought punishment to those who deserve it

  • No, it shouldn't.

    While the UN is a bit clunky and could use a rework (a massive project, I'll admit) it should not be disbanded entirely. It is a good and healthy concept. In practice, it works about as well as any democratic system, with petty grudges and skirmishes popping up constantly as one side waves its parts around in front of another. But, in order to move forward, we need to strengthen this system and work out the bugs, not disband it.

  • The United Nations Should Not be Disbanded

    No, the United Nations should not be disbanded. The United Nations is an important tool for diplomacy, democracy, and peace in the international community. As such, were it to ever be disbanded, the world would be denied this potent and powerful tool. Therefore, the United Nations should not ever be disbanded.

  • World Unity and Peace

    While the UN may be slow and dominated by its more powerful members, it is a symbol of world unity and helps other countries intervene and help others in need. It also helps with worldwide food and medical distribution, as well as also "keeping the peace." The UN is needed for keeping countries like North Korea in line, as well as helping the world become more united. It also helps prevent major wars between big countries, and was created to prevent another world war, which it has succeeded in so far.

  • No, The United Nations Should Be Strengthened

    While the UN has had many setbacks in their history, and been largely ineffective against some recent crises, it provides the best forum for its member nations to convene and express their views. Rather than being disbanded, the UN should be strengthened by its member nations and given more autonomy. Under a government of this type, the world could experience unprecedented peace and unity, with the ability to follow through on its ultimatums.

  • What is perfect anymore?

    While the UN is not perfect neither is anything else in this world today. Everything needs a little bit of work. With the help of many countries the UN is getting better and better everyday. With helping millions of people the UN has done more work than what a single country can do on its own. The UN helps keep peace between nations and upcoming nations.

  • The work on poverty

    I will admit the UN has many, many flaws as do the majority of major organisations out there but we cannot ignore the work it is doing. Since 1990 it has lifted 1 billion people out of extreme poverty, it has provided health care for millions of people living with HIV/aids in the developing world and significantly decreased the child mortality rate. Yes it has messed up in many other areas but it has saved lives too, a fact that cannot be ignored

  • The UN isn't perfect

    But what is?
    The proposing side all claim that the United Nations should be disbanded because they haven't accomplished their goals but are you sure that you're on the right side of the motion? The UN haven't fully accomplished everything they set out to and that's why they shouldn't be disbanded! They still have work to do.

    The UN also acts as a symbol of hope for the world and gives us aims to achieve.

    How could anyone honestly believe that disbanding the United Nations could benefit anyone? Look at the name! "The United Nations"!

    They may not agree with them but they aren't doing any harm. They are an organisation committed to uniting the nations of the world and combating war, racism and sexism. To name but a few.

  • UN is needed

    It is an organisation which has dramatically reduced discrimination and helped people's human rights. They have helped over 70 million people to get shelter and food and flee their war-stricken countries. Without them who knows we could be in a war stricken world. They keep the peace and have done a fairly good job over the past 70 years if you look at the statistics

  • Without the UN there would be more war and caos

    With international treaties it has stopped major conflicts. We need to rearrange it add more permanent members and take away the veto form one nation and make it majority rules and put a lot more money into it and get peacekeepers into the middle east and donate more troops to stop wars

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