Should the United Nations enforce much stricter regulations worldwide regarding the punishment of hate crimes?

  • Yes the UN should sanction member countries committing hate crimes and promoting hate crimes or promoting Genocide.

    The United Nations began with 50 countries with similar objectives to prevent another world wide conflagration. The UN now has 193 countries, many of which were and are enemies of the original 50. These countries are made up of murderers, dictators and gross deniers of basic human rights and are allowed to participate in Global decisions while involved in hate, oppression of human rights and sometimes genocide. The UN has been compromised and infiltrated by these enemies of peace. This is no longer your grandfather's UN. This is an organization that is leaning toward world oppression and domination under the disguise of a peacekeeping org.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    If someone is caught doing a hate crime, they should be punished more harshly. There is no reason for hate crimes in today's day and age. It is 2014. If only we improved socially as quickly as we do technologically. We would be almost the perfect society if that were the case.

  • The UN should be more aggressive prosecuting hate crimes

    Given the injustices which occur on a daily basis in many parts of the world based upon race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, the United Nations should use its power to impose stricter penalties on countries who either actively pursue a policy of hate, or who simply turn a blind eye to the issue. These penalties could come in the form of a variety of economic sanctions or other restrictions, with incentives offered should the country in question improve its record in regards to hate crimes.

  • That's not the role of the UN.

    No, of course I don't. The United Nations is essentially a trade group that sometimes gets involved with cross-border member disputes. It's not the world police, it doesn't have the power to come into a country and order its judiciary around. And thank God for that. It's up to countries to police themselves.

  • Each state can handle it.

    No, the United Nations should not enforce much stricter regulations worldwide regarding the punishment of hate crimes, because the United Nations is a voluntary body. The United Nations cannot force a country to do something. They should not be a regulatory body, because they will only use it for political purposes.

  • No, the United Nations should not enforce stricter sanctions for hate crimes.

    No, the United Nations has enough problems enforcing the protocols that it has already established. Until it shows that it can manage its existing mandates more effectively, it does not need any more responsibility over the conduct of nations and national leaders. For now, to give it more punitive capacity would place national autonomy at risk.

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